Finance and insurance companies are now using live chat software

The Challenge

Offering online services has become an essential part of modern financial business, and customers require support to complete online transactions. However compliance with FCA and GDPR regulations can be a minefield when engaging external digital providers. Information security officers need to be confident their suppliers maintain the rigorous security standards, whilst providing a resilient and proven solution.

The Solution

Fully hosted in the UK, Click4Assistance offers live chat software which allows website visitors to confidently engage with your advisors, instantly via text based communication. Advanced chat routing ensures the visitor is connected with the correct department for their enquiry and features including file transfer and intelligent predefined replies aid speedy first contact resolutions. Our location, security policies and infrastructure guarantee full compliance with data protection regulations.

The Result

Creating a private and secure environment, live chat software increases engagement rates with online visitors, allowing advisors to answer questions and encourage online transaction completion, while improving customer satisfaction levels. Multiple chats can be handled simultaneously, reducing resources and ensuring enquiries receive quicker responses, with customers receiving the information and reassurance required.

Information regarding Click4Assistance Live Chat software


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“Frequently these software companies are fairly faceless. Not with Click4Assistance. Brilliant Customer Care, you can always speak to someone instantly with any queries and they are only too happy to help. Importantly also they are very often an expert in the field. That’s before talking about the software which does more than the job and helps us with our constant quest to find new ways of interacting with our clients. Recommend the company and its software to anyone.”

Head of Marketing


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