Travel and holiday companies using web chat software get great feedback from their customers

The Challenge

Digitalised travel agencies can lose the personal service, which was traditionally expected the moment an enquirer walked through the door of a high street branch. This means that researching multiple holiday providers can become repetitive for the visitor and they may choose a package based on the cheapest deal rather than including customer service as a considering factor.

The Solution

Live chat software enables Travel agents to personalize their online service, providing access to the real experts behind the website. As visitors browse they can start a chat session and instantly receive help from an advisor. The representative can share digital brochures via the file transfer feature or automatically redirect the enquirer’s browser to a page of interest with the Auto-Navigation functionality.

The Result

Reduce the high abandonment rates experienced across the industry by ensuring you engage with visitors to your website before they move to a competitor by using live chat software. Offering a more friendly and personalized service improves visitors’ satisfaction as they receive help instantly. Representatives can handle multiple chats simultaneously reducing the amount of time an advisor is spending on just one potential holidaymaker, therefore increasing your sales and bookings.

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“Great service and value for money. I have been using this for the last 8 weeks and integration was very simple. Since we have had this we have had some very good engagement from customers and seen a conversion in business generating some great revenue. Full credit to our account manager who has been on hand every step of the way and more than happy to answer all of questions, no matter how trivial!”

Ashley Secker


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