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How to add live chat to your website.

Click4Assistance UK has noticed a huge increase in interest from the UK market wishing to add live chat to their websites. Live chat has a number of applications across a multitude of industries from providing support to existing customers to enabling another means of communication like standard phone or email.

Looking at the benefits offered by adding live chat, we can conclude this new form of communication is here to stay due to its simplicity and ability to fulfil the need of the consumer to have their questions answered instantly.

As a consumer with a question, if you’re presented with 3 options:

  • Pick up the phone, dial a number and speak with a sales representative
  • Send your enquiry to a sales@ email address and wait for a response
  • Click a chat button and ask your question via Live Chat

Which one of these options would you choose?

So you want to add live chat to your website?

Well you’re not alone! Businesses and organisations from various sectors including, universities, local authorities though to car dealers have all realised the potential when they add live chat to their websites.

Depending on the type of implementation it’s quite easy to assume over 3% of your website visitors will start a live chat with your business. Click4Assistance UK technology even allows you to approach visitors on your website offering them advice at critical stages in their journey, engaging by add live chat can increase the uptakes of chat by over 40%.

Not only will you see more visitors on your website engage with you, adding live chat to your website will also provide your business with some of the following benefits:

  • Ability to multi-task, one member of staff can hold multiple live chats simultaneously
  • Quicker resolutions due to the fact questions are answered immediately and clarification can be made instantly
  • Full live chat transcription is recorded automatically allowing it to be recalled in the future for analysis and training purposes

Add live chat recommendations

Click4Assistance UK has collected a vast amount of knowledge and understanding working closely with businesses that add live chat to their website. By gaining this knowledge we are able to help advise and train businesses to ensure they implement live chat in the most effective way to suit their business needs.

Initial live chat implementation

Live chat can be added to any business website in a matter of minutes, by simply copying a small piece of script into the desired website. Once added, the live chat button will appear in the location you desire.

This live chat button will change state depending on the availability of your operators, toggling between an “online” and “offline” image. Should a visitor click on an offline button they will be taken to a call-back form allowing you to collect their information which then gets automatically emailed to you.

When operators are available, the visitor will be asked to enter the name (you can request any other information at this point, for example, their email address, telephone number etc). Once entered the visitor will be instantly taken to a live chat with one of your operators.

Handling live chats

We understand some businesses are reluctant when it comes to add live chat, this is usually due to never using this type of technology before, we can only assume picking up the telephone the first time it rang to be as daunting.

Click4Assistance was designed with usability in mind, a primary aim was to ensure live chats are handled in the most effectively and efficient manner possible. A number of features have are included to help operators during the live chat conversation.

  • Automatically redirect the visitor to any page on your website
  • Select an answer from an unlimited number of pre-defined responses.
  • Allow the system to suggest answers for you

Further details on how to add live chat to your website can be found here.