What happens when you add live chat to your website?

Are you wondering what happens when you add live chat to your website? What's the big deal? After all there are many websites that don't have a live chat installed and they still seem to be doing fine. Are you sure? Do you actually know what their conversion rate is? Are you actually aware of the satisfaction level of their customers and clients? No matter what claims they make, can you really be sure?

On the other hand how do you feel when you visit a website that has live chat installed? Don't you feel at ease? Don't you feel that you can immediately contact someone in case there is some problem? And there can be a ton of problems once you start doing business with someone.

Add Live Chat To Your Website

Add live chat to your website and start really understanding your visitors

When you add live chat to your website from Click4Assistance you get a comprehensive toolbox of features that you can use to get a clear sense of how your visitors, present customers and clients and prospective customers and clients behave when they are going through various sections of your website. In fact, when you add live chat to your website it's toolbox also tells you through which page a particular person has entered your website and if that person came to your website through a search engine, actually what keyword or key phrase that person used that led him or her to your website. Isn't it fantastic? Since you know the keyword, you already know what that person is looking for. You already have something to talk about, don't you?

And not just the website or search engine that has referred the person to your website, you also get to know the geographic location of the person. This way you can make out what language he or she speaks and what could be his or her regional preferences. You get a clear picture of all the pages that the person has visited so far. You also know the current page of the person while he or she is talking to you so you know if the problem is related to that particular page, how to solve it or what sort of answer provide.

Add live chat to your website and start selling more immediately

Add live chat to website and you can start cross-selling and up-selling immediately. You can make suggestions that encourage your customer to purchase related items or services that otherwise he or she would have not purchased. Take for instance suggesting accessories for the pair of trousers that has just been purchased. Maybe a person can use a buckle. He or she can use a belt maybe. Maybe there is a shirt in your catalogue that would go well with a pair of trousers that has just been purchased. Maybe you can offer an immediate discount if the person agrees to purchase another pair of trousers. Sky is the limit when you add live chat to your website. You can use all your salesman skills through your chat window and the best part is, everything happens in a completely relaxed manner. How?

A great thing about text chat is you can think before talking. The same applies to your visitor. He or she is totally in control. No message is sent unless someone clicks "Submit". So you can carefully think of your answers, requests and suggestions before you actually submit them. As is written above, the same applies to your visitors. This establishes an atmosphere of confidence, trust and self-assuredness.

Can you add live chat to your website immediately?

Of course you can! In fact we have put in extra effort to make setting up our live chat software on your website as easy as possible. Even a person who has zero experience in programming can set up a basic chat interface and start interacting with his or her customers and clients or start converting visitors into customers and clients. So don't hold yourself back. Add live chat to your website today and start experiencing the magic.

Add Live Chat To Website

Add Live Chat To Your Website