Why you should add live chat to website

Actually "why" in the context of adding live chat to website is pretty obsolete because it no longer remains an option. Remember in the early and even in the mid-2000s people used to wonder, why they should have websites. But these days, the "why" does not exist. Every business just has a website. Similarly, soon, why you should add live chat to website is going to change into, why don't you have live chat on your website?

But until that happens, let us ponder over a few points.

add live chat to website

Add live chat to website to better understand your visitors

The ability to have real-time chat with your visitors and understand their problems is a great reason to add live chat to website. Just imagine how much you can achieve by knowing your visitors regarding what they want, how they want it and what they have been up to so far. When you add live chat to website you have access to our great web analytics tool (it is a part of the hosted live chat application that you install) that tells you about the geographic location of the person who is visiting your website, the various pages she has visited on your website so far and the amount of time she has spent on individual pages. Looking at the time will tell you which pages can hook more – remember that the longer people stay on your website, the greater is the chance that they are going to buy from you.

Directly interacting with them also gives you an insight into generally what people prefer. Sometimes you are selling things people don't even want. But when you're regularly talking to them you can change your inventory accordingly or at least you can change your product or service according to the feedback that you constantly get from your visitors.

Add chat to website and help visitors buy more from you

Normally visiting a website and buying a product or a service is an individualistic, lonely affair. Nobody is there to help you. This results in lots of indecision and in most of the cases, your visitors end up leaving your website or abandoning your shopping cart. Studies have revealed that 60% people abandon their shopping carts midway because they either cannot figure out how to proceed or they grow doubts on their way to making the payment. You can add live chat to website in order to reverse the trend to a great extent. When you add live chat to website you can do three things:

  • Help people through your shopping cart
  • Convince them into buying from you
  • Convince them into buying more from you

Over a period of time you will realise exactly at what point people abandon your shopping cart. So just before that point you can politely approach your visitors via your chat invites and offer them help. Ask them if they are facing some problem while trying to make the purchase. In most of the cases if they are facing some problem they will let you know and you will be able to solve it there and then.

You can also convince people into buying from you using your salesmanship. If you don't add chat to website you don't get to practice your salesmanship. You have this great talent but just because there is no interactivity on your website you are unable to practice it.

They are already buying from you? You can encourage them to buy more. Suppose someone is buying a mobile phone from your website and you're also selling accessories that might go well with the gadget being purchased. Suppose there is a case that fits well on the chosen model. Maybe you also have a very good screen guard. Maybe there is an app that is better than the default app that comes with the mobile phone being purchased. These are the suggestions that you can make when you add chat to website.

Add live chat to website right now

There should be nothing stopping you if you want to add business chat software to your website right now. All you have to do is log onto our website – Click4Assistance.co.uk – register yourself and that's it. Once you have registered, you will be able to download the trial version of our hosted live chat and then following the documentation you can set it up on your website in just a few minutes. So what’s stopping your live chat integration, start engaging your visitors in just a few minutes from now?

Add Live Chat To Website

add live chat to website