Hosted live chat

Hosted live chat to provide full support to your customers

Hosted live chat means your entire chat software is “hosted”, that is, installed on a remote server and you simply embed a script so that it appears to be functioning under your own website. This is for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty with the installation details and simply want to use the live chat software.

The other option is to self-host your live chat software. This means uploading the installation files onto your server and then running the chat software from the server where your website is currently hosted.


What should you choose? Remotely-hosted live chat or self-hosted live chat software?

It depends on the degree of involvement that you want. In a remotely hosted live chat service you are simply using the frontend while the backend is being taken care of by the hosting company. This type of usage is called SaaS Software as a Service. With the remotely-hosted live chat service you don’t require much technical knowledge (although, even with our self-hosted live chat application you don’t require much technical knowledge). All you need to do is embed a small script somewhere on your website so that it is initiated whenever your main page or one of the sub-pages is loaded on user’s browser.

One reason to choose a hosted live chat facility is, as mentioned above, when you don’t have much technical knowledge and you don’t want to invest time in learning new stuff. Another reason could be a different hosting environment. Suppose our entire chat program is written in .Net but yours is a Linux-based hosting environment that cannot support such installation (just for example). But, JavaScript works in every environment. So while the main .Net live chat software might be hosted somewhere else, you can put the JavaScript on your website so that you can use the hosted live chat just as it’s been installed on your own server.

Do you get to use all the premium features in the hosted live chat?

Yes, using the hosted live chat doesn’t mean that all the features are not available to you. Just like self-hosted chat, hosted live chat software also gives you all the features like real-time web analytics, ability to text chat as well as video chat, saving transcripts, using custom chat icons and buttons, branding facilities in the chat interface, multiple chat sessions during the same time and a host of other features that come with every cutting-edge live chat software.

Can you immediately increase your website sales with hosted live chat?

Certainly, hosted live chat may not directly get you more visitors but once the visitors are on your website, you can significantly improve your conversion rate by actively engaging your visitors. You can closely observe their behaviour while they are on your website. When they see the chat icon or button on your website they will be encouraged to initiate chat sessions and have a talk with you and get their doubts and questions resolved before they become totally clueless and leave your website. In case they are facing some problem with your shopping cart interface, you can quickly assist them.

The chat sessions can be started from both the sides: your customers can start chatting with you and you can also start chatting with your customers. If people are abandoning your shopping cart because somewhere along the line they are either getting distracted by things becoming a bit unclear, either you can politely interject and offer your help or they can approach you themselves. This way you can bring your shopping cart abandonment rate almost near to zero.

What sort of business organisation should use hosted live chat?

Whether you’re a small business, a mid-sized business or a multinational corporation you can easily use the hosted live chat app by scaling it to your requirement. Our hosted live chat is also being used by primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities and non-profit organisations and government agencies.

Can you start using hosted live chat immediately?

Yes you can. There is a trial version and there is a premium version and whichever version you want to use, you can start using it right now. All you have to do is register at our website, submit details about your website, you will then get sent a small piece of html script that you need to embed into your website. The moment you have embedded the script, the hosted live chat will activate on your website.

Hosted Live Chat