Best ChatBots 2023 UK

When it comes to picking a chatbot, you should know that there are many different types of chatbots to consider and choose from. While they offer many benefits, they also present some different challenges to be aware of. Learn all about the best chatbot 2023 UK and the next steps to take if you’re ready to get started with chatbots.

You’ll soon feel more equipped and knowledgeable regarding what chatbots are, and the importance of them, as well as more confident and prepared to move forward with using this technology and solution at your business. Of course, we’re always here to answer any questions or get you started implementing a chatbot for your website if you’re ready to move forward now.

In the meantime, review the following tips and information that will ensure you understand the ins and outs of chatbots and how to get started with chatbots this year.

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What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbot software is an application that initiates and responds to human conversation. In most cases, you will need to set up a predefined set of rules to mimic real-life conversations and interactions with the purpose of being able to answer customer questions.

Chatbots have become even more sophisticated as you take into account chatbots that use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to analyse human conversations at a practically human level. Some are so sophisticated that you can’t tell you’re interacting with a bot.

As soon as a visitor interacts with your website, your chatbot can engage them by sending a tailored message. You can also set up specific chatbots according to your target audience and who they are in addition to doing so for each individual web page.

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How Do They Work?

As a chatbot launches its conversational user interface, it uses data given by the site visitor to come up with a correct and relevant response. Not only can they answer customer questions but they can also take actions such as setting up a demo or scheduling a call, even if your sales team isn’t available or online at the time.

They have three primary functions when designed properly, which include:

  • Analyse and respond to the recipient with correct answers to questions.
  • Use NLP and machine learning to get better at answering customer questions correctly and in context.
  • Use and apply existing customer data to better comprehend the type of question that’s being asked.

Some chatbots are easy to tell that it’s not a person you’re speaking with, while others are very authentic and make it hard to tell if you're chatting with a bot or a human. Generally speaking, chatbots are increasingly becoming more human with better sophistication, responsiveness, and more natural language and flow.

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Why They are Important

It’s also worth taking the time to understand why they were created in the first place and why they are important. With online buying experiences, come new problems and scenarios that companies must address head-on to minimise and remove customer pain points. Customers want to perform research on their own regarding a product or service before making a purchase and expect businesses to have accurate responses as quickly as possible.

Customers demand immediate responses from companies, want to be able to find more accurate business information online, and expect a quick and personalised experience overall. Hence, the chatbot was created to help address all of these demands and desires. They allow customers to interact with brands around the clock without needing to involve a physical person or human, which ultimately saves time and money.

As a brand, you can stand apart from your competitors and become a leader in your industry by meeting these demands and offering an always-on and available experience and customer journey. Essentially, it’s an investment that is likely to bring you many positive results and outcomes, if you define your goals and select the right chatbot and setup for your business and customers.

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Types of Chatbots

While there is a wide range of chatbots and chatbot software to choose from, there are three in particular that are most widely used and that customers will see today. These three types of chatbots are as follows:

  • Live chat: These provide real-time live chat conversations and interactions with customers in a sales oriented way and format. You’ll also see them being used a lot by customer support organizations.
  • AI chatbot: AI chatbots differ from rule-based chatbots, as they use existing data to generate the best answer possible. As they collect more data, they can refine and improve their responses.
  • Rule-based chatbot: Predetermined rules are set for the chatbot to then map out the conversation so it flows. They guide the conversation through keywords and predefined options depending on the site visitor’s inputs.

Building these types of chatbots are not only different but they serve different purposes and help each business in different ways. Which one you select will depend on your goals and if your focus is more on generating quality leads and sales or more on customer service.

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What Makes an AI Chatbot Powerful?

These days, AI chatbots are becoming more common and popular so it’s important to know what makes them so powerful. You can quickly separate a bad chatbot from a powerful and the best AI chatbot using four different categories of artificial intelligence.

If you’re using a more sophisticated chatbot then it will have the following features:

  • Intent recognition: Improved interpretations made possible by the expansion and transfer of vocabulary. Use data to come up with the right answers and responses.
  • Extraction of entities: Information related to a specific concept or object such as date, time, items, or numbers.
  • Dialogue management: Based on intent and entities, can learn user’s preferences to make contextually smart and relevant actions.
  • Expansion and transfer of vocabulary: Refinements are made using algorithms so that the conversation and dialogue are more natural.
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Benefits of Chatbots

The best chatbots 2023 UK offer many benefits and these are some of the reasons so many companies are using them today. The main reason that these chatbots are becoming a bigger and more important initiative is that customers’ expectations are changing and they want fast service and a personalised experience. While you can try to do so using humans, there are challenges with this approach and at some point, it becomes too much for companies, so they turn to chatbots.

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Here are some of the top benefits of choosing to use the best chatbot for your business:

  • Better conversations: A chatbot can successfully leverage visitor intelligence to help drive better conversations. It becomes an experience that is tailored to each visitor.
  • Use personalisation to boost website engagement: Why not try to engage a buyer as they are exploring your website further?
  • Real-time notifications to improve and focus on customer prospecting: A chatbot can notify your sales team as soon as someone is ready to buy.
  • Provide a better experience for the most loyal customers: You want your most valued customers to be noticed and to engage with them right away, even if your sales team isn’t around or available. You can use the chatbot to personally greet the most loyal customers and help them answer any questions.
  • Generate more qualified leads: What’s the point in generating leads if they aren’t the right ones and are not high quality? Chatbots can determine if leads are a good fit.
  • Can chat live when it’s necessary: Chatbots can instantly route a conversation to a live person if necessary such as if the issue is complex.
  • Deliver instant information 24/7: They’re perfect for addressing high-volume questions from customers and will save the visitor time by not having to look around your website.
  • ROI as you can increase conversions: The ROI is there in most cases and your chatbots can help increase conversions.
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Best Chatbots & Company Examples

Given all this, you’re probably ready to dive deeper into and cover the best chatbots 2023 UK. Let’s take a look at some examples of what’s possible and which companies are doing it right.

Applications & Ways Your Company Can Use A Chatbot:

Customer service: If customer service is your focus then you need a chatbot that can respond quickly with the right answers. It offers you the chance to have a dedicated support team around the clock, generate reports for performance, and can be used omnichannel.

IT & HR: You can also use chatbots internally so your employees can get the answers they need as fast as possible. It can also be used to help route and manage IT tickets and questions at your workplace.

Website & Social Support: There are chatbots that you can integrate with WordPress and your Facebook business page with the click of a button. It’s an efficient way to manage cross-platform customer interactions and conversations.

Personal Assistant: If you’re a busy business owner then you may want to use a chatbot as your personal assistant. There are some out there that can take care of mundane and scheduling tasks for you and relay messages to others. It connects to your calendar so it knows what’s upcoming and who is available when.

Sales: An obvious application for chatbots in business is to help with sales. These chatbots can confirm a lead is qualified and take actions such as setting up a sales call or meeting. It can also route leads to the right group of people on your team.

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Company Examples

There are some company examples that will help you see how they truly work and may provide you with ideas for how you want to integrate a chatbot into your workflow and business or customer service.

Brandwatch: Contact Us
Here the company adds a chatbot to the contact page on their website so the visitor can choose to bypass the form and get the answers they need right away.

Gong: Engage All
With this example, the chatbot greets all users and offers them the opportunity to start a conversation no matter who they are or what they’re looking for.

Lessonly: Conversational Content
The chatbot pops up next to the content they are reviewing or exploring and gives the visitor the chance to ask a question or book a sales call.

PTC: Persona Targeting
The person is targeted based on their industry and then they are given the opportunity to connect with an industry expert.

Zenefits: Website Concierge
This chatbot is AI-powered and the user can explore their needs and interests further via typing directly into the chat.

Charter Spectrum: Telecom
A chatbot is incorporated into its customer service operations. Addresses a lot of common questions about resetting a password and retrieving username information.

Covergirl: Ecommerce
Due to their AI chatbot, Covergirl was able to increase social media engagement and click-through rate on coupons.

Amtrak: Travel
They answer over 5 million requests per year using a chatbot, which has led to ROI based on an increase in bookings and revenue.

Johnson & Johnson: Customer Experience
Used the same personalisation methods as email communication, but the chatbot increased engagement and click-through rate the most.
These are just some company examples and ways in which you can use a chatbot for your business. However, there are many more applications to consider and additional company examples to explore in your own time. It is apparent, however, that when a chatbot is used in the right way for the right purpose it can deliver noteworthy results.

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Challenges they Present

On the flip side, chatbots can also present some challenges and you should be aware of what these are before getting started and committing to using chatbots at your company. They can improve the buying experience and customer journey but they also have some imperfections you need to work with and around.

  • Unable to recognise a visitor: You want to avoid having your chatbot ask your repeat and top customers qualifying questions. Therefore, you must have integrated intel. You don’t want your sales reps to have to repeat these questions on a sales call either.
  • Misreading or misinterpreting messages: Misunderstandings can come about from the use of slang, misspelled words, abbreviations, and complex sentences.
  • Missing vital opportunities: Chatbots might not be the best when interacting with your target accounts and might miss key opportunities. In this case, you should use real-time notifications and have strong routing rules in place.
  • Limited conversation choices: The majority of chatbots only offer a few different responses unless you’re using an AI chatbot. You may frustrate the visitor or customer this way and they may be forced to find the answer on their own or have a long conversation before they can get the response they need.
  • Continuous maintenance: Another challenge of chatbots is that they need to be maintained. You must repeatedly optimise them for customer satisfaction and you should keep in mind that you can’t just set them and forget them.
  • Minimal personalisation: They can feel robotic and impersonal at times if the chatbot fails to leverage real-time personalisation.


There are also some frequently asked questions that many business owners have about chatbots and what to expect. Below are some of the most common questions so that you can determine if it’s the right solution for you or not.

Q: What is a chatbot platform?
A: A chatbot platform allows a business to host more than one AI chatbot in one place. For instance, you will want to use a chatbot platform if you are going to launch chatbots across several different channels like your website, SMS, email, and messenger.

Q: Is Siri considered a chatbot?
A: Yes, Siri is considered a basic chatbot. However, it’s not as advanced as some other chatbots that have better natural language processing and human-like interaction capabilities.

Q: Can a chatbot help save me and my business money?
Yes, chatbots can help save you money. For example, you can effectively automate certain tasks that usually a human would do. Instead of having to answer common questions one by one you can use a chatbot to complete this routine task. Therefore, you can save yourself money and the time of your support staff while at the same token maintaining and even improving your customer care and customer experience.

What is the Best Chatbot platform?

So, how do you choose a chatbot for your business? Which chatbot is best for you and your business will depend on several factors. Choosing the right chatbot for your business is very important as it can help or hinder your results. The good news is that usually they end up being time-savers and can increase employee productivity as well as sales.

First, you will also need to determine if you will be considering using a basic chatbot or a smart and AI-powered chatbot. You can minimise the risk of failed conversations and missing key opportunities by making sure your chatbot has natural language processing. It should be and needs to be consistent with your brand. It’s important that your chatbot speaks to your target audience and behaves according to the persona of these people.

Also, understand the learning capabilities of the chatbot you're considering more in-depth. Ask yourself what vocabulary it will need to know and if it can support the complexities of your business and products or services. Think about the workflow that will guide these conversations and if a basic chatbot will be suitable or not.

You should look into the ease of integration of the chatbot with your company and systems as well. Once you have it up and running you want to ensure it works well and seamlessly and that you're not wasting more time dealing with a number of complicated and frustrating issues. Finally, research and know about the security level and options for the chatbot you might want to adopt

Chatbots, like any other technologies, are also prone and at risk for security problems and hacks. Ask the right types of questions to the developer or reseller as you narrow down which third-party bot you want to use and commit to at your business. Do your own homework as well to ensure you feel comfortable rolling it out and don’t find any major flaws or risks. You have valuable customer data and information to protect and you don’t want to have a chatbot that might put you in a sticky or unfortunate situation.

Next Steps

You may now feel more excited and motivated to want to explore and choose a chatbot to use at your business. Your next step is to research your options, such as our powerful and effective best chatbot of 2023 UK. We want to help you succeed in this area of your business and experience the ROI you deserve. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and guide you in setting up your chatbot at your company and ensuring you have a positive experience integrating and using it.

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Our product will allow you to scale your business, offer better customer service, and save you time and money in the long run. We’re all about ROI here at our company, and want the chance to prove to you the value of choosing to get started with chatbots and use our product in particular.

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