Best Live Chat Software

How we have got the best live chat software for your business

Our live chat software allows your business to respond to your customers’ and clients’ queries instantly and this is one of the best features you can provide on your website. You might be spending lots of time and effort on bringing live leads to your website and if these leads are gone without even exchanging a few words with you or with one of your representatives, you are letting much of your business drain away. For example, if you are paying for every visitor to your website using Google’s AdWords, you wouldn’t like him or her to slip away without a bit of upselling, would you?

The Click4Assistance live chat software toolbox allows you to initiate chat sessions on your own and it also allows your visitors to simply click a button and start conversing with your chat representative. No extra software is needed on your visitor’s part. A browser window opens up and the rest is taken care of by our live chat software.

Best Live Chat Software

Why doing your business with our live chat software would be the best way for you to go?

Your business growth is not just about holding conversations with your prospective customers and clients, it’s also about the ability to analyse those conversations, save them for future references and retrieve them as and when required. This is not possible in a phone conversation. Once a customer or a client has had a phone conversation with one of your representatives and ended the call, unless you have been recording every call, the conversation details are gone and you solely have to depend on your representative’s memory or note-taking ability.

Our live chat software on the other hand saves the transcript of every chat session. Every conversation is stored in the attached database and then it can be retrieved just when you need it. And it is not just the chat transcript that is saved, but also the details about from which geographic region your visitor had logged on, which all pages he or she had viewed and exactly on which page he or she had initiated (or one of your chat representatives) the chat session, at what time. This is the best business intelligence mechanism a live chat software can provide you

Click4Assistance live chat software – the best in its class

How do you define the best-in-its-class live chat software? There are two things:

  1. The ease with which it can be installed and operationalised
  2. The plethora of features it offers to satisfy all your communication needs

Our business chat software can be used straight out-of-the-box. Of course you can also customise it according to the look and feel of your website but if you don’t want to go to all that trouble, even if you use it straight away, it will seamlessly integrate with your existing setup.

Would you like to see people face-to-face? For many of our customers, the best feature of our live chat software is the ability to initiate video chat. As long as both the parties have web cams installed, people can talk face-to-face to make chat sessions more interactive and fruitful.

From schools to colleges to hospitals to consultancies to big and small businesses the live chat software from Click4Assistance is the best option to go for if you are looking for real time interaction with your website visitors. Our live chat software effortlessly scales according to the device being used on both the ends of the spectrum. So whether it’s you who are on your mobile phone or your visitor, chat sessions can be initiated from computers as well as tablets and mobile phones with a single tap.

We are the best option for you especially if you are a UK-based business because we can provide you immediate support through multiple channels – yes, of course we also provide live-support through our chat software that is installed on our own website.

You will be turning your visitors into hot leads and hot leads into sales in no time. These are not merely claims. Go ahead, download best live chat software and see how your business is instantly transformed. No obligation. Full version of our live chat software is available during the trial period. Once you start using our toolbox for your business, you will be hooked and you will wonder, how you have been doing business so far without the Click4Assistance live chat software.

Best Live Chat Software