Business Chat Software

When you really want to grow your business you want our chat software

Do you often wonder how you can make the experience of your website visitors more interactive and hence grow your business? You want our business chat software. Every visitor that comes to your website is a precious acquisition. You must be spending lots of money and effort on getting people to your website and if most of them are leaving your website without doing business with you, you are not just wasting your money and effort you are also losing your business, and this is a hole that our chat software can easily plug.

Of course every visitor that lands on your website is not going to buy from you. In fact, hardly 5-10% people will ever do business with you. But are you really tapping into this 5-10% segment that could have done business with you but didn’t? What is sending these people away? In most of the cases, it’s lack of interactivity.

Business Chat Software

Our business chat software allows you to interact with your visitors in real-time

As they say, hit the iron when it is hot. Unless you are, mistakenly, targeting a totally wrong segment, most of the people that are coming to your website want to do business with you. It’s another matter whether they want to do business with you right now or later on. Among the ones who want to do business with you right now are going to explore other options also. They like your product, but some questions remain unanswered. Maybe they are distracted. Maybe they cannot figure out what you are trying to communicate. Maybe you’re offering unparalleled benefits but these benefits somehow are not being communicated to your visitors through the copy of your website. Our business chat software can allow you or one of your representatives to strike up conversations and provide answers in real-time rather than depending on your website copy.

Highly focused conversations with our business chat software

The visitor statistics provided by our live chat software paint a complete picture in front of you. For example, you are immediately notified if your website gets a new visitor. You can also know whether he or she is a repeat visitor or a unique visitor (coming to your website for the first time). You know his or her geographic location. You know whether he or she has come to your website through your homepage, one of the sub-pages or through your blog. You can also see what all pages your visitor has visited. This gives you a complete picture. So by the time you start using the business chat software, you know for what the visitor is looking around and when he or she has lingered. In fact, depending on his or her behaviour on your website you can also decide the timing of your chat initiation.

Once you have all this information with you, you can begin conversing with the visitor as if you can see him or her right in front of your eyes.

Would you like to convince your visitor further? Our business chat service allows you to initiate video chat sessions so that you can both see each other while interacting. This can be really reassuring for someone who cannot make out whether he or she is talking to a real person or simply a bot.

Reduce the instances of shopping cart abandonment with our business chat software

Many people abandon their shopping cart transactions midway simply because they cannot figure out how to proceed. Sometimes they are unable to process their credit cards. Somehow they cannot understand the options that you have included in the checkout process. In the absence of instant assistance, most of the people abandon the checkout process and decide not to buy. This can be one of the greatest missed business opportunities on your website. Just imagine, someone wants to purchase from you but doesn’t purchase because he or she is not sure how to do that. You can reduce this shopping cart abandonment rate by nearly 100%.

Using our business chat software you can initiate chat just when you feel that a person is feeling confused. Even if the person is not feeling confused, you can let him or her know that while he or she is checking out, the help is immediately available through the chat software so that in case there is a problem, there is a person available to solve that problem.

Not sure whether our chat software is good for your website or not? No problem. You can use the no-obligation trial. Just download it, install it, and start growing your business. We won’t even ask for your credit card. Once you have tested it, once you have seen its massive benefit, we’re pretty sure, you will be hooked for good.

Business Chat Software