Business Chat Service

This business chat service will please your customers to no end

How do you feel when a friendly salesperson greets you when you enter a store and escorts you around, showing you just the items you are looking for? Of course you are pleased. You can give the same experience with our business chat service chat service even to your visitors on your website. You can initiate a chat session depending upon the section a particular visitor is going through.

Business Chat Service

A business chat service that gives you real-time experience

Unlike a pop-up that can end up annoying your visitors, the chat invitation on your website is totally unobtrusive. If your visitor initiates it, well and good, nothing like it, but even if one of your representatives initiates a conversation, the message pops up in the corner of the window without disturbing the browsing experience of your visitors. Besides, our business chat service allows you to politely introduce yourself just when you think your visitor may need some assistance because you can totally monitor his or her itinerary while he or she is browsing through various sections of your website. For instance, if you observe that a person has checked out a particular item a couple of times you can politely start a conversation asking that person whether she would like to purchase that item or whether she needs some assistance in deciding. All this can be achieved using Click4Assistance live chat software.

A great feature in our business chat service is your ability to monitor the behaviour of your prospective customer in real time. You know from where she has entered your website, you know after immediately entering your website which pages she has checked out and for how long (if she has stayed longer on a particular page then something must have got her attention). If she has checked out the prices of a certain item but after that moved to another page, perhaps you can make another offer to her by initiating a chat session. The possibilities are unlimited.

A business chat service beyond the boundaries of geography and time

The key to your success is not when you are open for business, but when your customer wants to do business with you. A good thing about the Internet is it is an always open enterprise. The concept of 9-5 work culture simply doesn’t exist when it comes to doing business online. But this culture is embedded inside people’s brains due to prolonged conditioning. This is why they are always pleasantly surprised when someone greets them on a website even during non-working hours, for example, very early in the morning, late in the evening, or even in the dead of the night.

With our business chat service your sales representatives can attend to your visitors even at odd hours. Since ours is a cloud-based service, it can be managed from anywhere. All one needs is a contemporary browser, and of course, proper authorisation. With these two attributes a person can log onto your chat service dashboard from anywhere in the world and attend to your visitors as if someone from your own office or retail shop. This way no matter what time it is, when someone on your website needs assistance, she gets it immediately without worrying about whether the person on the other side is going to be available or not.

On the move? You don’t need to be tied down to your computer or your laptop in order to manage our business chat service. Whether you’re travelling in a car or in a train, whether you are hiking up in the hills, provided you have a net connection, you can immediately have chat sessions with your website visitors in case they are going through some problems or in case you need to assist them in buying something.

A chat service suitable for every business

The best live chat software from Click4Assistance can be scaled according to the size of your business with great ease. You can use it simply out of the box, or you can get it customised. Need special features for your special needs? Simply let us know and our technical team will integrate the entire interface according to your requirements.

Business chat services just as you want them

Want to make sure that more and more visitors turn into paying customers? Initiate conversations with them and make them feel that they are cared for. You can integrate our business chat services completely with your existing layout and website structure. You can customise our chat toolbox on your own or you can let us know and we will do it for you. Trial period is available. Download it and take it for a ride without an obligation.

Business Chat Service