Add chat to websites and change people's perception

If you add chat to websites you can significantly change people's perception towards your website in a positive manner. In various studies more than 82% people show eagerness to do business with websites that have decided to add live chat to their websites. This is primarily because people have become used to instantly getting feedback via chat applications on almost all major e-commerce websites. People don't want to waste their time making phone calls or sending emails. When you add live chat to your website you immediately become accessible to your visitors and customers and clients.

Add Chat to Website

Add chat to websites and become immediately accessible

Instant gratification isn't considered bad on the Internet since it is a place full of distractions. Not just distractions, people these days have got so many things to do that they don't want to waste their time.

Before businesses had started to add live chat to their websites, you needed to call them or send them emails. Calling them meant being put on hold sometimes even indefinitely. Sending them an email meant waiting for many hours before you heard from them, even multiple days. Some would take such a long time to respond that you would even for that why in the first place you had tried to contact them. Or worse for the business, you would shop somewhere else. There would be constant strain on the support staff and businesses were constantly short of people to handle queries.

When you add chat to websites it's like suddenly tripling your support staff without incurring extra cost. This is because 3 chat conversations can be carried out simultaneously. Can this be done with phone and email? Certainly not. If someone calls you, you can handle just one call at a time. If you need to reply to an email, you can reply to just one email at a time. But this is not the case when you add live chat to your website. In 3 separate tabs you can talk to 3 visitors or customers at the same time because mostly people use text chat and while people are typing in their responses you can interact with someone else.

Should you add live chat to your website to increase your sales?

Should you even be asking this? Wouldn't as a business you would like to increase your sales? Of course it would be a different point if you wondered whether your sales would increase if you add chat to your website. It will definitely and there is a scientific reason behind this.

When you add chat to websites you can start engaging your visitors in a positive manner immediately. Interaction happens two ways through your chat interface: either someone clicks the chat icon and initiates a chat conversation, or you take the initiative and strike up a conversation. There are many websites where you are instantly offered help. This may or may not work. The best would be to offer help strategically – exactly when it is needed and this can be easily done if you add chat from Click4Assistance to your website. Our chat software allows you to create automatic notifications that can be set based on the activities carried out by your visitors. Suppose you would like to chat with your visitors whenever they are on a particular page. One way would be to observe every visitor which isn't possible. So what do you do? You allow our chat program to monitor the movement of every visitor and then notify you as soon as a visitor is in that particular section of your website. You can even set the chat to begin if a person has spent more than 5 seconds on the particular section or when he or she is about to leave the section.

Add live chat to websites with minimum effort

It hardly takes 5-10 minutes to add chat to websites with Click4Assistance. Register on our website in order to create an account. You will receive an email with the html script to add live chat simply paste the script into your website, you will also receive a link to download the software just follow the onscreen instructions and within 10 minutes you will have our chat program up and running. It is as simple as that. Add live chat to websites and start engaging your visitors now.

Add Chat to Website

Add Chat to Website