How to I add live chat to my website?

So you’re looking to add live chat

Firstly, congratulation for taking the first steps investigating the concept of adding live to you’re website. Rather than jumping straight in (which is possible), it’s always good to have a full understanding of what the implication are when you add chat to websites.

We have numerous blogs, case studies and examples of customers using our live chat solution on their website, so feel free to contact us if you require any further information in addition to this article.

Add Live Chat

Things you need to know to add live chat to your website

One of the biggest concerns for companies looking to add live chat to website is how they intend to resource it, obviously this is down to the management and operational aspects of the business. However, let me put your mind at rest, even if there are times where your busy or you are unable to handle any incoming chat requests the chat button will default to “offline” (you can even hide it if you prefer). Should a visitor on your website click on the “offline” button they will be presented with a call-back form allowing them to enter their details which then get emailed to you in the same way as your existing contact form.

Another concern is how long and potentially how much will it take to add live chat to your website, the simple answer is its as straight forward as making any small adjustment to your website, therefore the cost should be nothing if you have a nice web designer. Basically we provide you will a very small piece of script which is simply copied and pasted into your website, instantly giving you a chat button, it really couldn’t be any easier.

Sometimes there are also questions about how you should handle chats, but if you think about it was you ever trained how to answer the phone? Chats are very similar, they are just another method of communication, in fact, when dealing with somebody over chat compared to the phone you get more time to think on your feet and respond in a more thoughtful and considered manner.

Ensuring a simple implementation

Click4Assistance has many years dealing with companies both big and small looking to add live chat to websites, our software has been developed in such a way to ensure a simple and quick implementation can be achieved by any size business. Believe it or not you can be chatting with customers on your website in less than an hour from now.

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow:

  • Sign-up for our 21 day no obligation free trial
  • Download the software onto your PC – its only about 1mb
  • You receive an email with the script attached, simply copy and paste this into your website
  • Login to the software and start handling chats

Why Click4Assistance web chat solutions should be a serious consideration

Click4Assistance is the premier choice for businesses located in the UK, we only promote our solution to UK based organisations, there is a major reason for this. We pride ourselves on our first class customer service, should you have a question we are at the end of the phone ready to assist you immediately.

What this means is your dealing with a person in the UK, who understand the software inside out, with access to many years of knowledge and resources to ensure a simple implementation when you add live chat to your website.

We don’t just stop there, just as you do, we want to ensure live web chat solutions works for your business, we know this is the future and it’s in our interests to provide a top class service as well as a top class product so your achieve the results you’re looking for.

Regarding the actual live web chat solutions, there are a number of features which give you a competitive edge:

  • Ability to monitor visitors on your website in real-time
  • Engage with visitors on your site by offering them assistance and inviting them to chat
  • Include a live chat video feed and make things more personal

There are a number of other features as part of the Click4Assistance which we won’t go into here, however all the details can be found on our website, so what are waiting for? Add chat to website today.

Add Live Chat

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Add Live Chat