Why we offer one of the best web chat solutions on the Internet

You will find hundreds of web chat solutions once you start searching for them on the Internet. How to decide what's the best web chat solution for your business? It depends on what you're looking for. There are solutions available for every business but eventually it can be very critical what sort of web chat you select for your own business because every business has a unique requirement with a unique set of visitors, customers and clients.

Web Chat Solutions

What to keep in mind while trying out various web chat solutions

Web chat solutions come in different flavours. They can be very limiting and they can be very liberating. They can be extremely difficult to set up and some of them can be very easy to set up like the sort of web chat solutions you get from Click4Assistance. So what to look for when you are testing out various web chat solutions? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Ease of installation and setup
  • Complex features presented in a very simple manner
  • 100% customisable
  • Easily scalable to different sizes and requirements
  • Intelligence gathering capabilities
  • Pre-defined messages
  • Automatic triggers when a visitor takes a particular action or visits a particular section on your website
  • After-sales support

Click4Assistance offers you one of the best web chat solutions not just in the UK but internationally

Some of the web chat solutions that you get from other chat solutions providers may be great but there is one big problem – they are not particular about what sort of support you get. Just being an Internet company people assume that they can manage their after-sales service by hiring people from other countries. At Click4Assistance we don't follow this path. Although we offer you great web chat solutions we don't rest on our laurels. To bring you the best deal from within the UK, all our development, marketing and support staff is from the UK itself. So we totally understand your problems before you even tell us. Unlike other companies that provide web chat solutions you don't come across people with strange accents and a total disconnect with your local problems when you work with Click4Assistance.

We provide website chat software for small businesses, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.

Are you looking for a web chat application that allows you to create smart contact form solutions?

Contact forms are just like emails in terms of the gap between sending a query and receiving a response, but a big difference is, a person doesn't have to log into his or her email account in order to send you an email. He or she can simply fill up the form and submit it. The web chat application from Click4Assistance allows you to create highly configurable lead generation contact forms on-the-fly that you can start using immediately.

Video and text web chat solutions to make it easier for your visitors to talk to you

Some people prefer to have video chat where they can talk to someone face-to-face. It introduces a sense of humanity into the otherwise faceless chat. Also people are more trusting when they are talking to someone they can see. You can use your body language and facial expressions to establish a sense of trustworthiness while talking to a visitor. In order to be able to carry out video chat both you and your visitors should have a web cam installed.

Web chat solutions that can be immediately implemented

At Click4Assistance we totally understand your urgent need to engage your visitors actively and this is why we have made setting up our web chat solutions extremely easy and straightforward. All you have to do is begin the setup by launching the setup file from your browser and after that it is simply a breeze.

So now it's high time you stopped looking around for live chat solutions and settled for the chat application from Click4Assistance. Need some help? Please use the chat button on our website and we will be glad to provide you all the help, in real-time, as soon as possible.

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