Website chat software to match your every need

The greatest quality of website chat software is that it easily matches your every need. Every need in the sense that, in whichever manner you need to communicate, your website chat software should allow you to do that.

For example, the website chat software from Click4Assistance allows you to have text chats as well as video chats with your visitors. Not available for real time chat? You can also set up highly customised contact forms that allow your visitors to leave you messages without having to log into their own email accounts. This way they can mail you the requirement and they don't even need to leave your website.

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Know the behaviour of your visitors through our website chat software

Every meaningful conversation happens because you know something about the person you're talking to. The same applies to your visitors. Our website chat software gives you a broad picture of what your visitor has been doing while he or she is on your website. Analytics data such as through which page he or she entered your website, which all pages he or she has visited and on which page he or she is at the time of having the conversation. If he or she came from a search engine exactly what he or she was looking for (this way you know what he or she wants).

Conversation history of our website chat software helps you know your visitors well

Each time a conversation takes place it is organised in its own category. For example, you will know whether a particular chat was a general service enquiry, product enquiry, pricing enquiry or whether the person was facing some problem on your website. This way you will know normally what sort of issue or problem prompts people to initiate a chat conversation with you using the website chat software installed on your website.

Offer help with our website chat software exactly when help is needed

Over a period of time you will have enough data to set up automatic triggers when people are in a particular section of your website. The sales funnel of your website normally has particular points when people may need your help, especially people who have never been to your website before. Our website chat tool can alert you if one of your visitors is spending some time on one of those particular points. You can politely initiate a conversation the moment you are alerted.

You can also set up alerts when someone is in your checkout section because normally people face problems while making payments. They suddenly develop doubts. They may also abandon your shopping cart if they cannot find the information they need in order to proceed. Sometimes people don't know how to use their credit cards. Using our website chat software you can politely give them a nudge and let them know that in case they need some help you are just a chat session away.

Need to generate more leads? Website chat software is the way to go

More leads lead to more sales and you get more leads when you engage visitors on your website and you engage visitors when you have a fully capable website chat software that allows you to provide timely and efficient help when people actually need it rather than simply doing the guesswork and annoying people. A big problem with normal website chat software is that you need to depend on your gut feeling in order to initiate a conversation with your visitor. This needn't be the case with the chat application that you get from Click4Assistance. All the intelligence that you need in order to have meaningful conversations with your visitors is provided to you by our analytics tools. When you're talking to people using our live chat software you are never in the dark.

Download and start using our website chat software now

Although it depends on your Internet speed, it hardly takes 5 minutes download the website chat software setup files. Register on our website, and start engaging your visitors right now.

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