The perfect web chat software for your website

As you know a web chat software allows you to engage your visitors in fruitful conversations in real-time. You get to talk to your visitors exactly when they are eager to do business with you. And this is the best time to talk to them. They are already in the "mode". Since they can be easily distracted, web chat software allows you to keep them hooked to your website and also focused on the job at hand (which is, buying your product or service).

Web Chat Software

What makes the web chat software from Click4Assistance perfect for your website?

The web chat software from Click4Assistance isn't just a chatting interface. It is complete customer-management software. For example, you can study and analyse visitor behaviour once they are on your website using our web chat software as it tells you when a person enters your website, through what page and for how long he or she stays on individual pages. This gives you an indication of his or her interests. Aside from that you can also know if a person represents a company or a business. You can know his or her geographic location. If a chat session is initiated, you can know currently on which page the person is so in advance you can get an idea of what the problem or the issue might be.

Excess your web chat software interface from multiple devices

Long gone are the days when people used computers and at the most laptops to run their business operations. These days you can pretty much manage your entire business using handheld devices like tablets and smart phones. Web chat software from Click4Assistance provides you the same scalability. You can keep your visitors engaged while on the move as long as you have an Internet connection and who doesn't these days?

Full-feature-packed web chat software

At Click4Assistance our constant focus is to make the operation of managing your web chat software as simple as possible without compromising efficiency and features. We never forget that we are here to make your life easy, not complex.

The inherent tools in our live chat software allow your potential leads to leave messages for you with their full contact details (or as much as they want to reveal). Are your visitors feeling stuck somewhere? You can automatically navigate your visitors to any page on your website from your end as if someone is running a presentation for them while the just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Are you being flooded by commonly asked questions? You can create canned responses to the most commonly asked questions and then define shortcut keys to quickly find them and provide them to your visitors. All the canned responses can also be stored in the database so that they can be retrieved by your visitors even without your intervention.

You can fully customise invitations to chat when certain events take place on your website. For instance, if a credit card payment fails, you can invite your prospective customer to have a chat with you so that you can either directly take the payment or assist the person while he or she re-tries making the payment.

As you go on making observations through your web chat software you will notice that there are particular shopping cart abandonment triggers or sections where your intervention can make a big difference. Studies have revealed that there is a 60% rate of shopping cart abandonments because people either get distracted, or confused. If everything else works, there are many people who cannot figure out how to make a credit card payment. Since our web chat software is run over 256 bit encryption, you can easily exchange credit card information through the interface.

What are you waiting for? Install our web chat software right now and start engaging your visitors

Engagement doesn't just mean chitter chatter. It helps people establish a bond with you and once they have a bonding it's easier for them to do business with you because of the ensuing trust. When you provide people help just when they need it (even when they are not asking for it) they really appreciate it. Of course, since you have the web chat software button prominently displayed on your website it's also quite reassuring for them that you are just a click away. So don't delay. Download our PHP live chat software setup files now run the setup – within 5 minutes you will be reaping its benefits.

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