Real-time live chat developed for PHP

At Click4Assistance we offer you a live chat solution that can be easily installed on any major web hosting environment supporting the PHP programming framework.

According to there are right now more than 3 million websites and webpages being managed using PHP. This means practically every website you visit has something to do with PHP programming and precisely this is the reason why we chose it as our live chat development programming language.

Php Live Chat

Why use PHP live chat rather than chat software developed in another language?

The biggest benefit of using PHP live chat, as mentioned above is that, you visit a website and there is an 80% chance it has been developed using PHP or one of the platforms built using PHP. Take for instance WordPress. Almost every blog – whether being run by individuals, big businesses or publishing houses – is run by WordPress. Even websites are being managed using WordPress as the backend CMS.

Other than that, you have Joomla! and PHP nuke. Even if you are not using a full-fledged content management system, there is a great chance that you are building .PHP files rather than .HTML or . ASP files. Nearly every open source content management system and website management system is developed using PHP simply because it is very easy to install and manage PHP-based applications.

Take for instance our PHP live chat application. Since PHP is an interpreter based language, it doesn't need complicated installation process. All you have to do is download the files onto your computer and run the setup files. Running the setup files is also extremely easy. All you have to do is, direct your browser to the appropriate link and the rest is taken care of on its own.

Do you necessarily need a PHP-run website in order to use our live chat application?

Not necessarily. All you need is an ability to execute JavaScript code from within your webpages, and an ability to run PHP files, which most of the web hosting environments can do, even Windows-based.

Once it is decided that your server can run PHP files you can safely upload the installation files onto your server in order to set up the PHP live chat. Once the setup is completed you will be directed to a section that allows you to obtain a JavaScript that you simply have to copy/paste at the appropriate place in your website template.

Whether your website is being run using PHP, HTML, HTML 5 or even .NET for that matter, once it is running your PHP live chat, all you need is a small JavaScript to activate live chatting on your website.

PHP live chat is easy to customise

Although when you dabble with a programming language you must have a basic idea of its syntax (you needn't necessarily be an expert or even a mid-level programmer in order to make some tweaks – just be mindful of the syntax). A big reason behind the popularity of the PHP programming language is that people can easily make changes to its source code according to their requirement. For example, if you want to customise the live chat interface from Click4Assistance, you can easily make changes to the PHP code. Having said that, if you want to make some serious changes, we would advise that you contact our support team rather than ending up messing up with the source files.

What happens if you mess up with the source files?

Another great thing about using real-time chat software from Click4Assistance is that you can always log in to your admin area and download the setup files and replace the files that have been meddled with. In case you are trying to make some changes and this shuts off your live chat interface you can quickly replace the files after downloading them from your Click4Assistance dashboard.

Looking for a cutting-edge PHP live chat application?

Then you are at the right place. We are among the top PHP live chat providers in the UK due to our unmitigated support and insistence that our entire development and marketing team must be from UK itself.

The PHP live chat installation from Click4Assistance is extremely easy as we have already elucidated the steps above. Start engaging your visitors today by installing live chat software from Click4Assistance.

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Php Live Chat