Real-time chat software allows you to convert more visitors into customers

Real-time chat software allows you to initiate chat conversations with your visitors at very crucial moments, when it can really have an impact. One way is to prominently display your real-time chat software button on your website as soon as people come to your website. This instantly changes their perception and they see your website in a positive light. Studies have shown that more than 82% people are more eager to do business with websites that display a live chat button.

Real Time Chat Software

A multi-device 100% customisable real-time chat software

Are you constantly on the move? You don't need to worry. Whether you're sitting in a restaurant, in a public park, travelling in the Tube or being driven around in a car, as long as your device can hook onto the Internet you're good to go with our real-time chat software. You can monitor visitor-activities, create auto-alerts initiate chats and participate in conversations with multiple individuals using an interface that easily scales according to your screen size. Whether you want to manage your real-time chat software with a tablet, a smart phone, laptop or a PC, it is your prerogative. The interface conveniently alters itself according to the screen real estate without compromising on ease-of-use.

Every interactive software that you use to increase your sales on your website needs to seamlessly integrate with the look and feel of your website. If it doesn't integrate, it will look like a third-party tool which may or may not affect the perception of your visitors. But as the convention goes, the real-time chat software that you use must feel like a part of your own website rather than a third-party tool.

This is why we give you full capabilities to customise our real-time chat software completely. You can totally alter the template. You can use your own branding colours. You can use your own logo. You can choose how your online and off-line status must appear (you can use your own graphic buttons to show both the states). Once you have fully customised our web chat software your visitors will think that this is something you have developed for your website on your own.

A real-time chat software that gives you all the intelligence you need to convert your visitors into paying customers and clients

The more you know your visitors, the better you can engage them. It is always a pleasant surprise for them if you already know the problem they are facing and this is what happens when you use our real-time chat software to engage your visitors.

For instance, if one of your visitors has landed on your website from a search engine after having searched for a particular phrase, you will know which phrase was used. This will help you initiate the conversation as you have an idea of the issue being faced by the person who wants to chat with you.

Want to be notified when a visitor hits a conversion page on your website?

There are certain sections on your website that normally lead to your checkout page. As you go on observing visitor-behaviour on your website you will notice that when they have visited particular pages they normally end up buying from you. It also means people in this section are hot leads if not yet paying customers and clients.

You can set alerts using our live chat software so that you immediately get notified when a person reaches that particular landmark or does something that indicates he or she is going to convert (for example adding an item to the shopping cart). This is a good time to start a conversation or at least give a small indication that you are just round the corner in case the person needs your help. You can also start observing the person for that matter. If your customer is spending more time than natural on a particular page – trying to figure out how to pay you – you can politely initiate a prompt that invites the person to have a chat with you.

Interventions like these can immensely improve your conversion rate.

Sell more items in your catalogue using our real-time chat software

Register on our website and download the setup files now and start selling more from your website catalogue. It's a breeze. Normally it takes people just 5 minutes to get a basic version of the real-time chat software running on their websites and they can actually chat with people and sell more items within a span of a few minutes.

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Real Time Chat Software