Best live chat software that is ideal for your business

What would be the best live chat software for your business that would be ideal? It depends on how you see interacting yourself on your website with your customers, clients and visitors. What level of engagement are you looking for? Do you want to give a real-time experience to your website visitors? What does real-time experience entail for you and your visitors? These are very crucial questions and they can help you decide upon the best live chat software for your website. Once you know what you need, it is easier to get it and the same holds true for selecting the best live chat software for your website.

Best live chat software

When you are looking for the best live chat software for your website, choose Click4Assistance

This is not a boastful claim. We have actually tried our best to give you live chat software for business that is all-encompassing and gives you everything that you need in order to fully engage your visitors and customers while they are on your website. In fact, even if you want to seamlessly interact with your own employees using the chat interface, there is nothing like our best live chat software. It is intuitive, its interface is quite easy to use and best, it is completely secure since it uses 256-bit encryption technology to keep all your interactions totally safe from prying eyes.

Analytics is a big part of any corporate chat software that comes with best options these days. At Click4Assistance we have left no stone unturned to give you the most accurate information about your visitors and customers once they have entered your website. As soon as someone is logged on to your website you can see his or her activities. You can observe which all pages the person is visiting and for how much time. You can also view the referring website or search engine that has brought the person to your website. If the person came from a search engine you can also see the keywords he or she used – this tells you exactly what he or she is looking for so that you can initiate a chat conversation accordingly.

Our live chat software for websites lets you initiate chat conversations at best time

You can't possibly have chat conversations with every single visitor that logged on to your website. You need to be selective in order to be effective. Using the best live chat software you can set up automatic notifications that alert you as soon as there is the best time to initiate a chat conversation with one of your visitors. As you must already know, a chat can be initiated by the visitor as well as prompted by you. The visitor will initiate a chat conversation if he or she has a question or a query. A customer may contact you in case he or she is having some problem with the product or service he or she has purchased from you. This is the best time to show your eagerness to help people in the hour of need through your live chat software for websites.

But sometimes people don't know when to reach out to you even if there is a need. For example, sometimes people get stuck on your website while trying to make a purchase. Whether there is a problem in your interface or not is another matter, but this shouldn't lead your visitors to leave your website without making a purchase if the process is already started – which means they are interested in buying from you. This is called shopping cart abandonment. The average rate of shopping cart abandonment is 60% and this can be significantly improved by strategic intervention. The best way to do this is to set up notifications in the live chat software for business so that you know precisely when to approach your visitors and offer help.

Installing the best live chat software doesn't mean it is extremely difficult

The best and the easiest way of installing live chat software for websites is simply register for our free 21 day no obligation trial on our website – Then all you have to do is follow the helpful instructions that are sent to you in an email as you will be provided with a code snippet that you need to insert in your website template source code. That's it! The chat icon becomes easily visible on your website and people can start contacting you from the word go. So what are you waiting for? This is the best time to install our corporate chat software.

Best live chat software

Best live chat software