Corporate chat software

Corporate chat software for seamless communication

At Click4Assistance we fully understand that when you’re looking for corporate chat software your primary focus is on trust, innovation and reliability. A lot is at stake when you start using a new piece of software. It is not just a financial investment; it is also a human resource investment is as is your own employees as well as the customers and clients visiting your website. This is why when we offer you our corporate chat software we offer you complete commitment.

Corporate Chat Software

Why get corporate chat software from Click4Assistance?

We are one of the pioneering corporate chat software providers in the UK. For more than 10 years we have been promoting and scaling our corporate chat software applications to all sizes of businesses in the UK as well as internationally. Whether you are a one-person business or a corporate house serving millions of customers and clients and employing thousands of employees, you can easily use our corporate chat software to serve your customers and clients as well as facilitate seamless communication among your own employees.

For corporate houses we have dedicated account managers right here in the UK so that they speak your language and work in your time zone and above all, understand your needs. Our entire team of developers and support personnel are based in the UK. We use the most secure servers based in the UK to ensure complete safety for your sensitive information exchange. This makes our customer service chat a perfect solution even for intra-organisation communication needs.

Fully customisable corporate chat software application

As a big business you are very cautious about your brand presence on the Internet so we have made it extremely easy to customise our corporate chat software to the hilt. Once you have completely gotten it customised, it will become such an integral part of your website that people won't even realise that it is a third-party software. Once you have purchased our corporate chat software our logo and our message is removed from the interface and the chat software on your corporate website becomes a component of your own website rather than feeling like an extra piece of software. You can either let us know to customise your corporate live chat software application or you can also get it done from your own web designers and developers. You can have your own branded chat icon or button on the website and you can also have your own branding inside the chat interface.

Corporate chat software for your inter-organisation communication

If you have an intranet running within your organisation and you have a website only to be used by your employees and business partners, installing chat software can significantly improve the quality of interactions among your employees. Using our corporate chat software is a completely confidential experience and your employees can easily share sensitive information with each other without running the risk of the information falling into the wrong hands. We use 256-bit data encryption technology to keep the flow of messages secure and safe.

Every chat transcript can be saved so that you can refer back to it in case there is a need. Our corporate live chat software allows you to share files of all formats from within the interface and you can also have video chats instead of text chats.

Corporate Chat Software