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Does the fall of the Phone Call Pave the Way for Website Chat Software?
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15 November 2012

Gemma Baker


Does the fall of the Phone Call Pave the Way for Website Chat Software?

A report released by Ofcom has shown that text messaging has taken over phone calls as the most used method of communication in the UK.

Ofcom also reported that for the first time ever, mobile voice calls are in the decline as the uptake of internet-connected devices makes communication online much easier.

What does this mean for website chat software?

Well there are several interesting points to emerge from Ofcom’s Communication Market Report 2012. Perhaps the most relevant is the rise in the value of online retail sales, which now stands at £2.6 Billion as of February 2012, and is growing by 30% year on year. This shows just how big online sales are to companies, and highlights the potential revenue that can be generated. Consumers are looking at products ‘in the flesh’ at a store, then going online to find out more information via their mobile devices.

Website chat software offers great possibilities to capitalise onto this opportunity

Companies can drive customers to their websites and then engage proactively with them in real-time to answer those questions and close potential sales. The report also points out the increasing popularity of tablet computers, as households owning such devices rose by 9% in the last year. This switch towards mobile browsing has made the whole experience more comfortable, and just over a third of tablet owners surveyed by Ofcom admitted they browse more often. With potential customers looking and comparing products whilst they browse in the comfort of their own home, Website Chat Software is the way forward for progressive businesses.

Live Chat by definition is a less intrusive way of connecting with visitors

It still allows you to answer customer queries and keep them on your page. The text based communication that is available on the website, mimics the mobile texting environment. If this looks good for the uptake of Live Chat on websites, then the statistics for sixteen to twenty four year olds show that the future looks even better.

96% of that category said they used a form of written based communication to keep in contact with their friends and family. This was based on a social situation, but what it shows, is the age group are more than comfortable using a chat based system to obtain required information. Even to the extent where, only 63% of that group made a phone call on a daily basis, 33% less than the text-based method. For more information, contact our friendly team here.


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Live Chat Software Author


Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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