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Have you always wanted to have a live chat app on your website but wonder whether you will be able to install it on your own or not? Although whether you can install it or not depends on how comfortable you are performing very basic website maintenance activities, even if you have never done web design or development you can easily install our live chat app within a few minutes.

At Click4Assistance we have made the installation process so easy that one never requires outside help to get started with using the live chat app. Do you never need extra help? Of course if you want to stretch the limits of our live chat app you may require some sort of extra help but for that help you don't need to hire a web designer or a web developer our support team can easily help you install and customise the live chat app.


What are the benefits of installing our live chat app?

The biggest benefit of installing our live chat app is that you can engage your visitors just when it matters. A chat conversation can be initiated by your visitor or buy you. You can either encourage your visitor to have a talk with you as soon as she enters your website or you can wait for some time, observe her activities and then accordingly offer help or assistance. How do you know she needs your help?

Our live chat app comes with powerful web analytics features that tell you from which page she has landed on your website (maybe she found that page on Google or Facebook or somewhere else). If she has come via a search engine our live chat app will also tell you the search term that she had used when she was looking for something that you can offer. This gives you an idea what to talk about and how you can help.

Even when she is on your website you can observe which all pages she is visiting and on which particular pages she is spending more time.

Having a live chat app on your website also gives your visitors an alternative to calling you or writing you an email in case further information is needed. Not everybody is happy calling and not everybody is patient enough to wait for the email. Maybe the person will leave your website and then purchase what she has to purchase from another website. A hosted live chat solution enables you to initiate a conversation with you (or one of your representatives) without any hesitation.

Live chat app brings you the best of telephone and email

Live chat app brings you the immediacy of a telephone in the flexibility of email. Many people have a problem with the spontaneity required while having a conversation on telephone. Even when they require an immediate answer they refrain from calling. They would prefer to write but then exchanging emails may also be a lengthy and delayed process. When using a live chat app a person doesn't have to directly talk and she can take all the time she needs to type out the message and then send it to you and then you also can take your time to send a message back without feeling disconnected. So although the interaction is in real-time, it is not uncontrolled there is no risk of verbally saying something and then regretting later on. In fact this is why there are scores of mainstream chat programs people like to exchange text messages rather than directly talking.

Start turning your visitors into customers and clients in just a few minutes

Do you think that people come to your website and then most of them go away without buying from you? You can totally reverse this pattern by initiating conversations at right junctures. Our live chat app will enable you to engage your visitors and provide them all the information they need in real-time. You will be surprised to know how many people abandon your shopping cart midway simply because they cannot figure out how to proceed. By carefully observing the pattern of your visitors you can know exactly where they decide to abandon your shopping cart and this is a point when you can offer assistance.

It's not that you always have to approach them. When people see a chat icon on your website they will themselves contact you in case they need some assistance. Even if they don't, you can

Using the live chat app you can also upsell products and services your visitor wasn't even planning on buying. For example, if you are selling website templates you can also offer your customisation services. If you offer blog setup services then you can also offer custom blog design services. The sky is the limit when you can talk to your visitors in real-time.

So don't spend another moment wondering whether you should have a live chat app running on your website or not. While you are wondering, people are already leaving your website without doing business with you. Stop them. Install our live chat software today.

Live Chat App