Live chat application

A live chat application to open floodgates of business opportunities for you

The live chat application from Click4Assistance can actually open the floodgates of new business opportunities for you. Just imagine, you no longer have to depend solely on your website and solely on the state of mind of your visitors to create new business opportunities for you. There used to be a time when you just created a website, did everything possible under the sun to make sure that people felt happy and well-served once they were on your website. You also made sure all the information needed to make a decision in your favour was there on the website, but still, people left. There is a 60% shopping cart abandonment rate on an average e-commerce website this is a huge amount of business. This business is going to waste by going to your competitors. Do you know that a big part of this business can be turned around just by installing a live chat application on your website?


With our live chat application, talk to your prospective customers when it really matters

You cannot do anything about people who don't want to buy from you and they are on your website either by mistake or just to check out some information. But what about those people who would have done business with you but are still are leaving your website due to various reasons? Suppose 15 people out of 100 are really interested in doing business with you but only 5 eventually do. What about the remaining 10? Without a live chat app there is no way of finding out why these 10 people are leaving your website without doing business with you even though they would have.

With our live chat application you can engage these people, have a conversation with them, clear their doubts, remove confusion and point them to the right direction. Even if 5 people out of these 10 do business with you because of your live chat application interaction, this is a huge difference. Out of 100 people coming to your website, now 10 people are doing business with you instead of just 5. Simply by installing our live chat application you have doubled your sales.

Of course you can multiply these numbers by 100, 1000 or even 100000. These are hypothetical figures to explain to you what a big change you can make by installing a live chat application on your website.

Why websites with the live chat application do more business compared to those that don't?

The reason is quite simple. When people come to your website and noticed a chat icon or a chat button, they instinctively want to contact you in case they have a doubt or a problem. Calling you on phone might be a hassle. Even writing an email may tax their patience. But a chat can happen immediately. When they see functional live chat software on your website they know that somebody is just round the corner in case they need help.

Even you can approach them if you feel they need your help. Suppose someone is stuck on a particular page for a long time (you will have an idea normally how much time people spend on particular pages). This can indicate you that you should offer help.

How does this happen? How do you gather intelligence that enable you to understand the behaviour of people on your website?

Our live chat application comes with powerful web analytics capabilities that tell you everything you need to know about your visitors while she is on your website. Such behavioural patterns can be saved by you in a database for intelligence gathering and analysis. By the time you have used our live chat application, and provided you have been preserving the behavioural data in a systematic manner, you will have a clear picture of normally how people behave while going through various sections on your website. For example, if people are abandoning your shopping cart, you will be able to know precisely at what point they abandon. Just before this point would be a good juncture to initiate a conversation using our live chat application and politely ask if they are facing some problem or developing some doubts.

Practically no learning curve is required to start using our live chat application right now

Although highly useful and a complete paradigm shift from the traditional way of doing online business, installing and operationalising a live chat application is as easy as opening a new email account, literally. We are just a click away on our website. Have a chat with us whenever you feel like. So don't wait, get a live chat application for your website now.

Live Chat Application