Live chat facility

Here is a live chat facility that can double your sales within the next 2 hours

This is not a wild claim – you can actually double your sales within the next 2 hours by using our live chat facility, provided, you install it and start engaging your website visitors from the word go.

In cutthroat competition every lead is valuable and whoever comes to your website is a lead, a prospective customer or client looking for a solution that only you can provide. You know your USP, but in many cases, your visitor doesn't. This is why she feels confused, unsure and even clueless. Sometimes she doesn't even know whether she needs your product or service or not. The live chat facility that you install on your website can turn the doubt into decision and turn your visitors into customers and clients.

Live Chat Facility

How does a live chat facility carry a potential to double your sales in such a short span of time?

We don't intend to alarm you, but just as you are reading this, customers are leaving your website without buying from you. These customers had a solid intention to do business with you, but something on your website changed their mind. Or maybe they got distracted by something that has got nothing to do with your website. Whatever it was, there was nothing to hook them onto your website and as a result, they are leaving your website. Live chat facility will stop them from leaving.

With our live chat facility you can approach them while they are browsing through various sections of your website. The inbuilt analytics tool allows you to observe the behaviour of your visitors and develop your own intelligence regarding exactly what distracts them on your website, what prompts them to buy from you and what are the triggers that send them away before they can buy from you. These are problem points. You can remove these problem points from your website and if there is no way you can remove them, the live chat facility can always come to rescue. It allows you to approach your visitors and engage them in informative conversations.

In most of the cases people are unable to find the needed information on your website despite the fact that the information exists. Your live chat facility will allow you to find out exactly which information leads people to your checkout page and whether it is easier for them to come across that information or not.

You are always in the dark without a live chat facility

Without interacting with people in real-time it is not possible to know what is right and what is wrong with your website. Yes, you can have a contact page but people are not going to submit your contact page simply because they are unable to buy from you. They will do so only if you are the only person providing that product or service and they desperately need it which, is a rare case. The Internet makes it possible for them to find 100s of vendors more or less providing the same thing. They're not going to go to all that trouble to contact you, find out how to do business with you, and then do business with you. This is where you can use your live chat facility to proactively approach them and find out what is stopping them from doing business with you.

By engaging them in conversations using the live chat facility installed on your website you can guide them through the entire checkout process. In case they have some doubts you can clear them. In case their decision of not buying from you is based on some misleading information on another website, you can provide them the right information so that they can make an educated decision.

Interacting through live chat facility helps both ways. It helps your customers make up their minds, and it also helps you recognise the fault lines within your own website that shake the confidence of your visitors. Through constant interaction you can find out the loopholes and then plug them one by one. It is not possible to know about these loopholes without constantly interacting with your visitors with a live chat facility.

You can start using a live chat facility right now and double your sales

We started this page by claiming that you can double your sales within 2 hours if you start using our live chat for business and we would like to end the page with the same claim. Provided that your visitors are leaving due to some confusion and an inability to find the right information at the right time, you can approach them, converse with them and also assist them in case they cannot figure out themselves how to make the payment – many people abandon shopping carts simply because they don't know how to make online payments. These are the people you can convert. They want to buy from you; they simply don't because the help that can be provided by live chat software is normally not available. Start converting these people now and double your sales.

Live Chat Facility