Live chat for Business

Start growing your company today by installing live chat for business

Installing live chat for business website means you can directly, instantly talk to your visitors and proactively grow your business instead of leaving everything up to them.

Your website plays a major role in getting you more customers and clients but it can only help you up to a certain level. Your website is like an office or retail store. You can get it as good as it can be developed and designed. Eventually what matters is the level of engagement that your visitors go through in order to make up their minds regarding doing business with you. This is where live chat can be an invaluable tool.

Live Chat For Business

Business live chat with integrated intelligence gathering

The more you know about the behaviour of your customers and clients while they are on your website, the better you can tailor your interactions with them. Our live chat for business allows you to monitor the movements of your visitors so that you know which pages they mostly visit before either doing business with you or leaving your website.

If they do business with you, well and good, but if they are leaving, why are they leaving?

This is something that the integrated intelligence gathering module of live chat can help you with. You can completely turn your business around by knowing why people leave and then encourage them to stay and do business with you. Whenever someone comes to your website you can see

  • Through which page the person has come to your website
  • If the person came from a search engine, what keywords or search terms he or she used in order to come to your website
  • What all pages the person has visited
  • Where he or she has spent the maximum time
  • If he or she abandons the shopping cart, exactly at what point he or she does so

With all this data you can design an exclusive system for yourself to trigger responses and prompts and engage your visitors before they decide to leave.

Installing live chat makes business sense

Media studies have shown that on an average people who are engaged with live chat on websites spend 55% more compared to those not engaged.

Every business depends on the salesmanship of its owners, managers and employees but the problem with websites without live chat is that you solely need to depend on the elements that you have on your website. No matter how much interactivity you incorporate through programming and artificial intelligence, nothing compares to a live chat experience. With live chat, you can directly talk to your visitors using either text messages or one-on-one video chatting (web cams will be needed). Even if your visitor does not have a web cam he or she will be able to view you or one of your live chat representatives.

Once you have directly talked to someone you immediately trust the business. For example, your prospective customers and clients will be able to trust you more if they can have an interaction with you in real-time, either face-to-face or through text messages.

Our business live chat gives you accurate reporting

You can measure results and optimise your productivity using our reporting tool that tells you how fast or slow your operators respond to visitor queries, what is the average chat duration and how long it takes for the issues to be resolved or whether they are resolved at all. Real-time feedback from your visitors can help your operators improve the way they interact with your prospective customers and clients.

Live chat for business comes with no obligation on your part

Wondering whether your business is ready to invest in live chat software? First of all, every business is, if user engagement matters to the growth of your website. Even if you have some doubts and therefore you are dillydallying you can rest assured. There is no obligation on your part. You can download and install our live chat for website and set it up on your server free of cost. You don't need to submit your credit card. And once you have installed our live chat software you can use it to handle real business queries. It doesn't come with limited features. All the features that are available in the premium version of our live chat software are also available – for the trial period – in the free version so that you can carry on doing your business as if you have purchased our software. Download our live chat now and start growing your business immediately.

Live Chat For Business