Live chat for website

Looking for the best live chat for website solution?

If you're looking for a live chat solution for your website Click4Assistance has just the right offer for you. Our live chat software is a power-packed package that can be easily scaled according to your individual needs. It will seamlessly become an integral part of your website and when people use live chat on your website they won't even realise that they are using some third-party tool. With our live chat you will be able to do the following on your website:

  • Monitor people's behaviour while they are on your website
  • Initiate chat conversations at crucial points
  • Offer them help when they are stuck somewhere or when they are about to abandon your shopping cart
  • Provide them an answer as soon as they ask a question
  • Give them multiple options to talk to you including text chat as well as video chat
  • Save the transcripts of your chat sessions
  • Immediately retrieve older transcripts for easy resolution or escalation
  • and much more
Live Chat For Website

Why our live chat is ideal for every website

As mentioned above, if you are looking for a live chat for website solution there is no need to look anywhere else because we give you a complete solution. You can use our live chat for website as it is, just out of the box, or you can completely customise it and brand it to provide a totally unique experience to your website visitors.

Privacy is very important for people visiting your website, especially when they are interacting using live chat. The servers where we host our chat software use 256-bit encryption to safeguard your privacy and your data. You can mention this on your website to increase the confidence level of people wanting to chat with you on sensitive issues.

To speed up your level of resolution you can also create canned responses for typical questions for, after a while most of the questions will be typical and you will rarely come across an issue that hasn't been taken care of previously.

Sharing links and files is extremely easy using our live chat for your website. Whether your visitors want to exchange information with you or you want to do that it can be seamlessly carried out using the chat interface. This way live chat can be an interactive platform for your website where people can easily exchange files and documents and useful links without ever having to leave the chat interface.

Live chat can be rocket fuel for your website

Do you feel your website isn't performing the way it should despite promoting a great product or service? Maybe the message isn't getting across. Maybe having a great website just isn't enough. What people need is live interaction and live interaction is something that you can provide with a chat window on your website. Once you have installed live chat it will do wonders for your website. It will boost your sales and conversion rate with immediate effect provided there is decent traffic on your website and people are leaving without buying from you due to various existing and non-existing factors that can be taken care of by holding conversations with them. Once you have installed live chat for your business it will be like injecting rocket fuel into your sales funnel.

Install live chat for your website under 5 minutes without cost

You can actually install our live chat for your website within 5 minutes and with no risk involved. All you have to do is download our trial version, add the chat button onto your website and that's it . You're ready to provide answers to people's queries in real-time. You are ready to initiate conversations with your visitors when you feel they are stuck somewhere or when they are about to leave your website without doing business with you. Install live chat software for you website now.

Live Chat For Website