Chat Window

A chat window that opens up a whole new world of opportunities

A chat window isn’t just a small pop-up window, it is a whole new world of opportunities to grow your business. After all what do you need to grow your business, make more sales and generate more leads? You need to convince your prospective customers and clients and you need to keep your current customers and clients happy. You can convince your prospective customers and clients by giving them the right information at the right time and you can keep your existing customers and clients happy by addressing their problems as early as possible.

Through your chat window you will be able to see what all your visitors do once they are on your website. The chat window will tell you from which page your visitors have entered your website (it’s not just your homepage from where people come to your website). It will also tell you what all pages the person has visited. It will tell you the geographic location of the visitor. It will also tell you on which particular page the visitor spends most of the time. Well, it’s not exactly the chat window that gives you all this information, it is our live chat software in the back-end that scrutinises the analytics information and presents it to you in a readable format that you can easily interpret.

Chat Window

How a small chat window can totally change the way you do your business

The biggest drawback of doing business online is the lack of the personal touch that is always there in your brick and mortar office or retail shop. The moment someone enters they are immediately greeted by one of your sales persons or your receptionist. But when someone comes on your website he/she is on their own. All their decisions depend on her frame of mind, the information that is provided on your website and the number of distractions vying for their attention. The focus is starkly missing. With a small chat window, you can bring the focus back. You can bring back the old-world ways of greeting your visitor the moment he/she enters your place of business. You don’t need to initiate a chat conversation through your chat window all the time. Launch it when you feel that the person is either stuck, or he or she is about to leave without making a purchase, or without even filling up the contact form.

On a website normally there are particular pages from where visitors leave the website. These are the pages where you need to be careful about. These are the pages when you should open your chat window and engage people so that you can find out whether they are leaving simply because they don’t require your product or service or they are leaving because they cannot find the right information or the exact product or service they are looking for even when that particular product or service exists on your website. If it is the latter reason for which they are leaving your website you can point them to the right information. You can provide them the answers they are looking for but cannot find on your website. Using your chat window they can also inquire about their other concerns.

Encourage your customers to buy more through your chat window

You don’t just need to focus on exactly the products or services your visitor intends to purchase. What about the extra, associated products or services that can complement and enhance the utility of the products or services the visitor wants to buy? Suppose you have a website from where you sell music tracks. Normally people either have stream or they need to download the tracks. Why not provide a cloud-hosted service where people can download the tracks without actually having to download them onto their computers, music players or mobile phones? These are the sort of suggestions that only a person talking through the chat window can make.

A chat window you can install right now

No extra technical knowledge is needed in order to install the chat window from Click4Assistance one of the UK’s best live chat companies. The entire installation process is intuitive and logical. You don’t need to learn anything new. On our website you don’t even need to financially commit. Just download our trial version, and within minutes you will have a brand-new chat window on your website. You can use the chat window as it is or you can get it customised from your own web designer or from us. We want the experience of using the chat window extremely comfortable and pleasurable and above all, rewarding. In no time you will be interacting with your visitors in real-time once you have installed our chat window. So go ahead, download it, and install it.

Chat Window

Chat Window