A small chat window can make a very big difference

There was a time when a chat window was something to while away your time. People would chat with each other in various chat rooms spending hours talking about nothing important. Then gradually business websites realised their overwhelming importance. Since a chat program is available on practically every platform and these days even social networking websites come with most advanced instant messaging facilities, businesses are realising that it is the most convenient way to communicate. And besides, people have gotten used to using chat windows whether on mobile phones, desktops, tablet PCs or laptops. The ubiquitous chat button is everywhere, so why not also have it on your website?

Chat Window

Why have a chat button on your website?

The small answer would be to make it easier and faster for your visitors to contact you as soon as possible. The longer reason why you should have a chat program on your website is, well, it can pretty much change the way you do business online.

Your entire business depends on your conversion rate, but how does conversion rate improve on the Internet? When you are able to engage your visitors actively. Sure, you can also run a successful business without having to engage people, but then you need billions of dollars for marketing and brand sustenance. If that is not the case, you need to engage people to help them remember you and prefer you when they need to buy something that you are selling.

A chat window application makes it easy to engage your visitors and customers

In order to meaningfully engage people you need to empathise with them and you can only empathise with them if you know what they are looking for. The web analytics tool that comes with our chat window application makes you fully equipped. It tells you from which geographic location your visitor has logged on to your website. You know which website has sent the visitor your way by observing the analytics data that comes with our chat solutions. You will also know which pages the person has gone through while on your website and how much time he or she has spent on individual pages. This gives you a fair idea of what he or she might be looking for.

If your visitor has come via a search engine, our chat solutions web analytics tool will tell you which keywords or search term the person used in order to land on your website. This completely tells you what the person is looking for and you can initiate a chat conversation and offer help accordingly. Frankly, this is as good as it gets.

Prompt visitors to talk with our chat solutions

You can also set up triggers to notify you if a person has entered the checkout area. With 60% shopping cart abandonment rate, it is really critical that help is immediately available to your prospective customer. You can either wait for the person to initiate a chat session or you can take the initiative and offer help voluntarily. This is something you will learn over a period of time as you use our live chat windows application regularly and note down how different people react during different times. If you feel that your shopping cart abandonment rate comes down when you start approaching people with your chat window then you can set up a trigger so that whenever someone starts the shopping cart section, you are notified and you can start a chat.

Even if you are reluctant about approaching people yourself because many people think it's an annoyance, you will see a marked improvement the moment the chat button becomes visible on your website. Many people who have a problem will click the chat icon and start a chat with you and ask you questions. They will also seek your help in case they cannot make credit card payments which, you can carry out for them using the 256-bit encrypted interface of our live chat windows application.

Would you like to get a chat window for your website right now?

Sure you can. The trial version is free and it comes with all the features of the premium version. You don't need to hire a programmer in order to install the chat window on your website. Of course you need to know a few things such as how to download and upload files and how to carry out the basic setup work once you have uploaded the files but even for that, all the needed documentation is there once you have downloaded the setup files. Are you ready to launch a chat window application on your website? Then register at Click4Assistance.co.uk, create an account, log into your dashboard, download the files and see the magic happening right in front of your eyes.

Chat Window

Chat Window

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