Live chat customer service

Set new benchmarks with our live chat customer service software

One of the biggest benefits of installing live chat software on your website is improving your customer service and taking it to entirely new level. A pet peeve of most of the customers and clients doing business online is that when they are in trouble, when they have a problem with a particular product or service, a resolution is not easily available.

Another problem is not everybody is comfortable calling, or patient enough to deal with email. For them, using live chat software is a great sign of customer service because it tells them that you are ever ready to provide them the solutions they are looking for.

Live Chat Customer Service

How you can provide best customer service with our live chat software

Great live chat customer service means if your customers have an issue, it should be resolved as soon as possible. A lot depends on the ease of contacting you. The problem with a phone call might be that you are unable to handle multiple calls and hence you need to keep people on hold. Even with emails, with your inbox constantly filling up, many important customer service emails might be delayed. This is not the case with live chat customer service.

With the live chat application from Click4Assistance you can serve 3 customer service queries simultaneously. That’s just one instance of how you can improve your customer service with our live chat software. Our live chat also brings together the best of telephone and email under one interface. Why do people call? They want some answer immediately but a long waiting line defeats the purpose. Why do people email? They are either not comfortable calling or they are not in a great hurry. When they are not in a great hurry, they might forget buying the product or change the decision or worse, may end up buying from one of your competitors.

When people are not comfortable talking directly over phone but they don’t want to wait for the email, the best option is live chat. It gives them the independence to think and then write down their thoughts. On your side also you can chat with your customer in a relaxed manner and provide best possible service to multiple customers at the same time.

Combine customer service with direct selling and upselling using our live chat service

Customer service is providing assistance when it is needed. You can also provide assistance when it is anticipated. Our web analytics tool will help you gather intelligence about exactly where your prospective customers and clients get stuck and end up not doing business with you. This is a time when you can approach them with a friendly nudge of a live chat pop-up that is totally non-intrusive.

Sometimes, although people are just looking for some information, they may also be eager to buy from you, even if not consciously. You can encourage them to try out the product and if a trial version is available you can ask them to at least use the trial version and see how it works for them. In order to use the trial version they will need to submit their contact details and if nothing else, you will be building your mailing list that you can later on use to keep in touch with your visitors. This way you are not just providing great customer service to your visitors, you are also increasing your sales by using our live chat facility.

What about upselling? It means selling something extra to your customers or clients. If you are selling multiple products or services from your website you can suggest the customer to try out an additional product or service. Maybe you have just helped one of your visitors purchase a pair of trousers from your website. What about buying a new belt that would look great with a pair of trousers? Maybe you have just sold a washing machine. What about also selling an annual maintenance plan? These extra items and products might be there in front of their eyes, but still they need some sort of prodding and this prodding can be done using our live chat software.

Turn a new leaf in your customer service – install our live chat software now

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Live Chat Customer Service