Live chat on website

Put a crisp live chat button on your website

Live chat on your website is a fast and personal way for you to engage your customers and clients in real-time. Our automated features allow you to reach out to your customers and clients before they even ask a question. When you have live chat on website people feel more encouraged to talk to you and do business with you.

With live chat on your website

  • Your live chat agents can immediately provide answers to people's queries, concerns and questions
  • Anyone can start a chat session from your website without having to register
  • Intelligence regarding the behaviour of your visitors when they are on your website can be gathered
  • Automated chat windows can be triggered based on time and user behaviour
Live Chat On Website

Engage your customers when it really matters by having live chat on your website

Do you know that when you have live chat on your website 8 out of 9 times the issues are resolved on the spot? Even a small exchange can turn your casual visitors into paying customers. You can lead them to the right direction in case they are feeling lost or cannot make sense of your checkout process. In case they are having some doubts you can clear away those doubts there and then.

The problem with telephone is if a person needs to talk to you immediately the thought that he or she may have to first locate your number, then pick up the phone, then make the call, then worry about being put on hold and then not being sure whether he or she will be able to get through the right person, may deter him or her from making the call. Live chat on your website gives a sense of immediacy.

He or she may have the same attitude towards sending you email. It requires effort to first locate your email ID, then log into his or her email account, type in the message, send email and then wait for it. These days people want immediate answers to their problems. Live chat on your website provides that.

When you have live chat on your website your visitors think you are in sync with the times

Every business that truly means to engage its visitors has live chat on its website. Having live chat means you are eager to initiate dialogues with your prospective customers, clients and members and you have the answers to most of their problems. Having live chat on your website means you are not a passive business but an active business that is fully-operational whenever a visitor comes to your website. With the live chat on website looks a vibrant place not some deserted online presence just to create automatic leads and sales. It gives an impression of a serious business.

Sell multiple items on your website with live chat

Live chat on website also allows you to sell multiple items even when the person wasn't planning to buy them. This is called up-selling and it can be greatly facilitated by live chat if you have it on your website. It means suggesting additional purchases when a particular item is purchased. You can apply up selling to products as well as services.

All the premium features are available in the trial version when you put our live chat on your website

We take our live chat software very seriously. This is why when you decide to put it on your website we give you all the features whether you're using a trial version or a premium version. Once you have started using our live chat on your website we want you to experience its full potential and no matter what version of live chat you have installed on your website, we want your business to thrive so that you can realise in real-time what massive change you can bring to your business by installing a live chat application that takes merely 5 minutes to install.

Provided you have visitors on your website and you are selling some product or service people actually want to buy, you can double your sales in just a few minutes by putting a chat icon or button on your website and inviting people to talk to you or simply initiating a chat conversation yourself at an appropriate time. Go ahead – download the UK’s leading live chat provider trial version and start converting immediately.

Live Chat On Website