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A live chat provider you can totally trust

Are you looking for a live chat provider you can trust and strike up a long-term partnership with? Then Click4Assistance is the answer for you. Among many providers, we are a live chat provider for big and small businesses, public and private firms, schools and colleges and institutions totally trust. But what exactly makes us the live chat provider of your choice?

  • Our entire team including support persons and developers are based in the UK.
  • We totally understand the problems and issues faced by businesses and organizations operating within UK.
  • Consequently, we provide live chat facilities exclusively to our UK customers.
  • Our live chat application can be easily scaled according to the size of your business, department, organization or institution.
  • We are the primary live chat provider of the official Buckinghamshire County website.
  • Major schools in various counties use our live chat software to handle thousands of admission requests every year
  • Our live chat application can be totally customised according to the look and feel of your website
  • Our live chat toolbox gives you the most comprehensive set of features and functions to give you an unprecedented insight into the behaviour of people while they are on your website.
  • All our chat communications are secured by 256 bit encryption
  • Our trial version comes with full set of features that come with the premium version.
Live Chat Provider

What makes a great live chat provider?

When you are looking for a professional, competent and reliable live chat provider you should look for the following traits and features:

  • Chat transcription is available: A chat transcription allows you to study the conversations you have had with your visitors in the past. With its help you can create a database of questions and answers that can give you an idea of exactly what sort of problems and issues people face when they are trying to do business on your website.
  • Data safety is taken seriously: Your live chat provider should be greatly concerned about the safety and confidentiality of your text and video chats. Click4Assistance uses highly secure servers using 256-bit encryption technology to make sure that your exchanges don't fall into wrong hands.
  • Web analytics must be an integral part of the live chat software: You cannot talk to people unless you have at least some sort of information about them. As a live chat provider that takes business intelligence seriously, our live chat toolbox comes equipped with all web analytics tools that equip you with all the necessary details such as from which website your customer has contacted you (in case you manage multiple websites), from which page someone has entered your website, how much time has been spent on individual pages, if a person has come from a search engine what search term led him or her to your website, and exactly at what point he or she leaves your website so that you can initiate a chat session before the person is completely gone.
  • Completely scalable live chat solutions: Your live chat provider should be able to give you completely scalable live chat solutions so that no matter what is the size of your business, you should be able to install and start using the chat features with immediate effect. Click4Assistance is one of the rarest live chat providers that offer solutions for single-person businesses as well as organisations employing thousands of professionals.

No need to look for another live chat provider

Since you are on the Click4Assistance website now there is no need to look at other live chat providers. Our hosted chat solution enables you to copy/paste just a small JavaScript where you want your chat button to appear and you are all set to go. You will need to create an account first of course.

Being a responsible live chat provider we give you full support in case you're facing some difficulty. You can try out our free live chat software without any obligation right now.

Live Chat Provider