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What makes us the best among live chat providers

There must be thousands of live chat providers out there but what makes most of the UK-based businesses and organisations use our live chat toolbox rather than from someone else?

As technologies related to programming and development improves applications that you find on the Internet are more or less the same. They come with the same set of features give-and-take a couple of features present or missing but basically, to be frank, there isn't much difference in the way most of the applications work whether you talk about live chat or something else. Then what makes Click4Assistance the best among live chat providers?

First of all we are a completely UK-based and UK-focused live chat provider. We don't outsource our support services to another country. Our entire development and marketing team resides in the UK.

Why is this important?

In the times of globalisation and outsourcing all the businesses have been able to drastically reduce operational costs, but these costs have been cut at the cost of quality and familiarity. When you purchase a product or a service it often becomes quite difficult to get support for it because most of the support staff lives on the other side of the globe with no idea of the problems you locally face.

Since we are all based in the UK and operate within the UK we totally understand your problems that are based on local circumstances. There are no cultural misunderstandings. There is no communication gap. Our language is the same. The way we talk is the same. When you need our help we don't redirect you to some automated system or an international call centre. As our premium customer you will have an account manager to take care of your problems and whenever you call us or email us it will be your dedicated account manager interacting with you all the time.

Some live chat providers are fine with making small compromises and making life a bit difficult for their customers. We are not among those live chat providers. From using our live chat service to interacting with our support staff, we want to make your life as easy as possible.

Live Chat Providers

Web analytics is something very few live chat providers understand

We live in the age of knowledge. The more you know about your customers and clients the better you can serve them. Our live chat toolbox comes with all the web analytics you will ever need to provide timely assistance to your customers and clients. You will know from which page they entered your website. Our live chat toolbox will tell you exactly which pages your visitor has visited. It will also tell you what keyword and search term that person used if he or she came from a search engine. In case that person has previously chatted with you and is already registered his or her previous chat transcripts will be immediately available to you. Even the purchase history will be immediately accessible so that you know the preferences of the person you're talking to. This is but just a small sample of what information you will have at hand before you initiate a chat session with your visitor.

You can use this insight to build your own knowledge base to predict user behaviour once people are on your website and then redesign your user experience accordingly. Maybe your current website layout is confusing people. Maybe your funnel isn't taking people to the right place. Maybe your checkout process is a bit complicated or confusing. These things you either find out accidentally (and hence incur huge losses) or you can find them out by continuously interacting with people who actually use your online interface, and this can be achieved by using our live chat toolbox.

We are among the top live chat providers in the United Kingdom

When the official website of a county like Buckinghamshire uses our chat service you can easily make out we're not just serving small businesses. This is not to say our live chat service is not scalable. Whether you are a one-person enterprise or a multinational our live chat application can easily scale without much effort. Very few live chat providers give you such a scalability option.

Our live chat application is 100% brandable and this is something very few live chat providers give you. When you start using our live chat toolbox you can completely redesign it (or get it redesigned) according to the look and feel of your own website, so rather than looking like a standalone application, our live chat software becomes an integral part of the entire user experience on your website.

When you search on the Internet we're sure you're going to find 100s of live chat providers but you won't find the collection of features and facilities that we provide you at

Unlike other live chat providers you can start building your business with our live chat application right now

There are no hidden costs, there are no caveats, there are no conditions and obligations when you start using our live chat application. Our trial version comes fully-packed with all the premium features so that you can get a real-time feel of what all can be achieved with our live chat service. Once you start using it we promise you, you will wonder how you have been managing your business without it so far. So go ahead, register yourself and start using our trial version to make a real difference to your business.

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