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5 ways to boost your sales with our live chat service

A live chat service is not a fancy appendage that you put somewhere on your website just to impress your visitors. It is one of the most useful features, in fact THE most useful feature on your website because it lets you interact with your visitors and solve their problems immediately so that if they really want to buy from you, there is nothing to hinder their action.

According to a Forrester report between 45-50% prospective customers and clients abandon online transactions if their questions and concerns are not addressed quickly enough. According to an Experience Impact Report 89% customers and clients will never buy from a business after having a bad customer service experience with it. Another study by eConsultancy has revealed that 73% people prefer live chat service support compared to 61% for email and 44% for phone. So you can easily make out how indispensable a live chat service can be for your website.

Listed below are 5 ways you can boost your sales with us as a live chat service provider

  1. Let your your prospective customers and clients reach out to you: It is always heartening to know there is someone you can reach out when you have some problem or if you have some doubts that need to be cleared. In the absence of a live chat service people often leave the website, never to come back. When you have a chat button on your website people instinctively click it or tap it when they need to ask something but they don't want to go to all that trouble of making a phone call or writing an email. A live chat service is like someone standing beside you and you can simply ask what you want to ask. So activate a live chat service on your website and let your prospective customers and clients reach out to you.
  2. Counter distractions with our live chat service: It's not just the Internet these days that is full of distractions, even life in general is constantly buzzing with scores of activities happening around the person visiting your website. Amidst so much distraction it is very easy to lose focus and forget exactly what you intended to do on a particular website. You can counter distractions by initiating chat conversations with your visitors when they are on your website. You can either wait for a while or start a chat session immediately – it depends on how your target audience reacts to your approach. You can also automatically trigger chat sessions on particular pages or particular actions. When you actively engage your visitors they remain focused and accomplish the task (for example buying a product or service from your website) they had intended to accomplish when they came to your website.
  3. Provide exceptional after-sale service to your existing customers and clients: The cost of acquiring new customers and clients far exceeds the cost of maintaining existing customers and clients. You can provide exceptional after-sale service to your existing customers and clients with our live chat service. The main gripe that people have with businesses and organisations is that once they have purchased a product or a service they rarely get good support and most of their answers and concerns remain unaddressed. On the other hand if you have a live chat service installed on your website and let it be known to people who purchase from you they can simply go to your website, click the chat button and start talking to you or one of your representatives for an immediate redress. This will not only keep your existing customers and clients coming back to you but they will also become your loyal supporters and evangelists.
  4. Improve the user experience of your website: As you repeatedly interact with your customers and clients, and also casual visitors on your website, using our live chat service, you will collect a wealth of questions and their answers. People will tell you what all difficulties they face while trying to do business with you. Through the live chat service they will share their experiences with you and you can use those experiences to make improvements in your website interface. 60% customers and clients abandon their shopping carts simply because they cannot figure out how to proceed. Through our live chat service you don't just help them buy from you you can also make the necessary changes in the flow of your shopping cart procedure so that people can buy from you seamlessly.
  5. Give your visitors multiple options to interact with you: When you are online – available to chat with your visitors – you can show a different icon and when you are off-line – unavailable to chat with your visitors – you can show a different icon. In case you are off-line people can leave a message using the pop-up box that comes up when you cannot chat immediately. Even while chatting they can either use text chat or video chat. During video chat even if one party has a web cam it will be possible to interact in real-time.
Live Chat Service

A full-fledged live chat service you can use right now

There is no reason to delay if you want to tap into the massive potential of our live chat software. Simply register, verify your details, download the installation files and then upload them onto your FTP server. The setup process is extremely simple and intuitive and within a few minutes you will be able to put the chat button on your website and start interacting with your visitors and from casual visitors converting them into paying customers and clients. We don't intend to instill fear in you unnecessarily, but while you are reading this and while you don't have a live chat service running on your website right now, you are already losing business. So hurry.

Live Chat Service