The most reliable live chat system you can get

Click4Assistance brings you the most reliable live chat system that can immediately boost your conversion rate by allowing you to engage with your website visitors in real-time. Left on their own your visitors are open to all sorts of distractions and doubts and sometimes all they need is a small nudge from your side. With our live chat system you can get in touch with your visitors and point them in the right direction when they seem to be confused or unsure.

Live Chat System

You can resolve most of the issues on the spot using our live chat system

You know that most of the problems are momentary? Since there are practically infinite choices on the Internet, even if there is some slight problem, a tiny distraction, people leave your website. The real-time interactions on social media may also cause unnecessary doubts among people's minds.

Sometimes, as simple a task as saving shipping address can end up confusing people. Over a period of time you can develop your own intelligence to initiate a chat on your own, but in the beginning, you can also allow people to use your chat button to approach you and sort out the problem.

Some people are wary of using their credit card fearing that you may save their credit card on your server. You can reassure them that the credit card information they are entering is not being saved and it will only be saved if they choose to save it (to make purchasing convenient later on).

Like these, there are many issues that are not very big and can be resolved on the spot using a simple chat conversation through our live chat system.

A live chat system eliminates the hassle involved in email and phone

Typically what happens is, in case someone is made to call you, he or she first has to look for the phone number, then dial the number, and then wait to reach the right person. If you ask people to email you their issues, they first have to go to their email client, write the message using the correct email ID, send you the email, wait for your response and if, hopefully, they are satisfied with your response, they decide to buy from you. As you can easily make out, it's a long-drawn process and thousands of things can happen in between.

They may already purchase the item from someone else while waiting to receive a response from you.

A live chat system on the other hand makes everything immediate so there is no chance of the person going to another website or losing interest. Live chat system allows you to hit when the iron is hot, although that shouldn't be taken negatively. When a person is on your website deciding to buy something from you, he or she should get all the help available from your side. And he or she shouldn't have to wait for that help. A live chat tool allows you to assist your visitors immediately without the hassle of a phone call and email. A question can be easily asked and it can be easily answered.

Best, since you can create canned responses to standard questions you don't even have to directly get involved. The moment the person – using the interface of our live chat system – enters the query, he or she is immediately presented with the selection of best solutions.

Why businesses and organisations in the UK are using the live chat system from Click4Assistance

We are primarily serving UK-based businesses, organisations and even government departments at Click4Assistance. This is because we totally understand the problems associated with using overseas employees. The problems being faced by our UK-based customers can be best understood by UK-based support persons. Once you decide to use the premium version of our live chat system you will be assigned a dedicated support manager who will be based in your timezone, speaking in your language, in your accent, and totally aware of your local problems. This way, you will be only dealing with the problem at hand rather than trying to understand the accent and weed out the regional communication gaps.

Implement our live chat system within 5 minutes on your website

Our live chat system can be implemented within 5 minutes on your website and you can start serving your visitors even with our trial version. The trial version of our live chat software comes feature-packed – everything that you get in the premium version. So you can start engaging your visitors and improving your bottom line without making any financial commitment. Just register on our website, get the setup files, set them up on your server and you're ready to go within 5 minutes. Remember, there are customers waiting for your help right now on your website.

Live Chat System

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