An easy-to-install live chat widget

There was a time when installing a live chat widget on your website used to be quite difficult but it is no longer the case. In fact it is the easiest aspect of designing a wholesome website for your business.

In the olden days there was no concept of APIs (Application Programming Interface) so whatever happened on your server HAD to happen on your server. Most of the live chat widgets used to come written in a cryptic language like Perl, Python or even C++. The arrival of PHP changed the scenario a bit, but it was only when people started developing and using APIs when it became easier to install business live chat software onto websites.

Live Chat Widget

A fully-customisable live chat widget

Once you have installed our live chat widget you can fully customise it according to the look and feel of your own website. You can even have your own branding components as you can see in the image below.

Live Chat Widget

This way using our live chat widget is like using software that you have specifically got and designed for your website. Whether you want to brand your business live chat software for your internal workforce or for your website customers and clients, from colour shades to welcome messages to company logos, everything in our live chat widget can be customised.

Our live chat widget brings you every possible feature you may ever need

On the Internet (well, actually everywhere) information is power. The more you know about your visitors, the better position you are in to help them. Our live chat widget comes with a plethora of features that will arm you with all the power you need to engage your visitors in a meaningful manner.

For example, you can observe your visitors in real-time and know how they behave once they are on your website and going through various sections. You will know from which geographic location they have logged on to your website. You will know through which page they have entered your website (not everybody comes through your homepage). You can also observe on which page your visitor currently is and how long he or she has been there. This way you can make out if he or she is facing some sort of problem.

Want to help your visitors navigate to particular sections on your website? This can be easily achieved using our business live chat software. If one of your prospective customers is finding it difficult to follow a certain part before he or she can make a purchase, you can do it for him or her. Then, in the end, when a payment needs to be made, that is something that your visitor can perform himself or herself.

Even there, if he or she has some confusion, you can immediately provide the right answers.

You can let people leave messages on your website to generate potential leads. Sometimes you cannot be online all the time. So when you're off-line your prospective customers and clients can leave messages for you and you can get back to them later on.

You can also use the standard contact form for this but usually people don't feel like clicking the contact form. They are more inclined towards using the chat button and once they have clicked the chat button even if you're off-line, they won't mind leaving a message for you.

Are you answering the same question repeatedly? For that you can prepare canned responses and store the responses along with the questions in the database so that instead of having to ask you, your visitors can straightaway submit the question and get the answers without your involvement.

Don't wait another minute, install our live chat widget now

If you want to turn your visitors into paying customers and clients there is no reason why you shouldn't install our live chat widget on your website right now. Our trial version comes totally free and it has all the features that come with the premium version. You don't even need much technical know-how. Within 5 minutes you will be ready to go. All you need to do is run the setup files from our website (after registering). Once the setup is complete you will be asked to embed a JavaScript snippet inside your website template (so that the chat button becomes visible on your website). Start making more sales now.