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Trying to grow your business – especially on the Internet – these days without a live chat software is like trying to grow your business without a telephone during the pre-Internet days. When people come to your website, they sort of expect your company to be using business live chat software. As soon as they have some problem instinctively they lookout for a chat icon they can click or tap and it might be disappointing for them if they don't find a chat icon on your website.

Business Live Chat Software

Why every business needs live chat software these days?

Everybody has become comfortable with chat these days. In the initial stage of the Internet, we used to have ICQ, AOL chat and even the Yahoo! Messenger. Then came Skype, Google Talk and a plethora of other web-based as well as desktop chat clients. Even Facebook, the biggest social networking platform (at least as yet) has a chat program interface. On mobile phones you have all sorts of chatting apps including the instant messenger from Facebook and WhatsApp. Chat is instantaneous and nonintrusive. It is also a ubiquitous.

This is why when people see a chat icon on your website they instinctively click it whenever they need some help. Various surveys have shown that 44% people are more prone to turning into paying customers and clients when they are offered help through chat software while in the midst of making a purchase. 55% people spend more time on a website when they can chat using the live chat software.

There are two things quite unique to the Internet – it brims with distractions and using the Internet can be a highly individualistic and hence, lonely activity. Since any sort of distraction is just a click away or a URL away, it is very important that you engage your visitors when they are on your website, and nothing beats our chat software for business when it comes to engaging your visitors. You can initiate a conversation at a critical juncture and turn a reluctant visitor into a paying customer with little effort. You can stop them from getting distracted by providing them timely information. If this information is not available instantly they may go to another place.

In the normal brick and mortar world there are people in your shop or in your office that can always help your visitors. This is not the case on your business website. People are usually on their own. Since everything depends on your interface and information that you have published on your website, there can be instances when the information and the interface isn’t able to persuade your visitor. This is where a chat session can help. When you observe that a visitor is spending lots of time on a particular section you can start a chat and ask what he or she is looking for. If he or she has completed a part of the checkout process but then, is stuck on a particular action, you can ask what the problem is and then solve the problem there and then.

Boost your business with our live chat software

As mentioned above, 55% more visitors purchase on websites having a live chat software compared to those websites where the business is not being managed by live chat software. So you can experience an immediate jump in your business by this much percentage once you have installed our live chat software on your business website. Even after that, it is up to you how much more business you can generate by fully customizing the live chat software and making the experience as fruitful as possible. The live chat software can only help you up to a particular level – a lot also depends on the people managing the chat sessions. So the live chat software combined with a dexterous handling of your chat sessions can easily increase your business by 70-80%!

So what are you waiting for? At there is a no-risk trial version of one of the best live chat software applications available that you can immediately install after downloading. No need to submit your credit card information. During the trial period all the premium features of the live chat software are available that you can use to grow your business from day one. Don’t wait for another day. See your business growing right in front of your eyes by merely installing the trial version of our live chat software.

Business Live Chat Software