Business Live Chat

Are you looking for the right live chat software for your business?

Choosing the right live chat software for your business can prove to be a very critical decision because it will impact the way you interact with your visitors and turn them into paying customers and clients. Click4Assistance brings to your business a live chat solution that can be implement straight out-of-the-box. But the ease of installation doesn’t mean a limited number of features.

From the beginning we have believed that just because you haven’t employed a highly trained technical team doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a world-class business live chat software for your website. Although it shouldn’t be assumed that businesses and organisations employing teams of trained technicians find our live chat software a non-serious candidate – on the contrary, being technicians they can easily understand the vast spectrum of features that we have packed in such a lean software.

Business Live Chat

Our live chat software is a complete satisfaction for your business

The sure shot way of turning your visitors into paying customers and clients is by striking a conversation with them just when they cannot make up their minds despite the fact that they would like to purchase your product or service. A great percentage of people who land on your website want to do business with you but are not sure whether to proceed with it or not. They linger upon a critical moment and that moment is very crucial. There are some signs that can be gathered with experience. For example, our live chat software can tell you what all pages your visitors normally visit before making a purchase decision. This can be very crucial intelligence. Here is an example:

You observe that 30% people coming to your website are coming from Page A. From here, 10% who proceed to Page B buy your product but only 3% who proceed to Page C buy your product. So you know that when people enter your website from Page A they need to be directed to Page B and people who are leaving Page B without making a purchase have a greater chance of making a purchase if you can approach them in time (that is, before they leave your website completely). These activities can be tracked with our business live chat software. If you observe that someone has lingered on Page B for a long time, you can initiate a chat session to convince that person.

Grow your business manifold with our live chat software

You will be surprised to know how much business you lose when people abandon your shopping cart midway. There are tell-tale signs when people abandon your shopping cart and in most of the cases, it is some confusion regarding making the payment or selecting various options in order to complete the transaction. Sometimes there is a particular feature a prospective customer is looking for. Although that feature is present in your product, somehow your prospective customer cannot find that out. This can be a lost opportunity because these days when you lose a customer, you don’t just lose one customer, you lose a complete chain of customers that could have been referred to you by this particular customer (thanks to social networking websites).

So as soon as you notice that although someone is in the process of making the payment she is halting here and there searching for some piece of information, you can start a chat. After a few weeks of data gathering you will be easily able to develop an intelligence to find out exactly what information is missing and exactly at what juncture that information is missed. At this juncture you can initiate a chat session with the person and take care of the problem, assisting that person to make the purchase.

Why choose our live chat software for your business?

If you are a UK-based business then you will get UK based support from us. This is one advantage.

Another advantage is that our live chat software is fully customisable. It becomes a part of your website in terms of the shape of the button, the colour of your theme or the font type. In fact you can totally chuck the default chat button and go for your own custom button. You can design this button on your own or instruct your graphic designer to design one for you.

Our completely web-based business live chat solution can be managed from your computer and laptop as well as from your mobile phone and tablet. This is as mobile as it gets. All you need is an Internet connection.

Worried that your business is too small for a live chat software?

No problem. We have LIGHT, PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE versions of our live chat software so that it can be easily scaled to every business need.

Then of course it doesn’t cost you a penny to try out our trial version. There is no obligation involved. Simply download and install it. The trial version is fully loaded with all the functions you may need to inject rocket fuel into your customer service. Don’t let another day go by. Download our trial version now.

Business Live Chat