Chat Program

Our chat program actually allows you to talk to your customers

Do you ever wonder how you can talk to your visitors when they are on your website so that most of them buy your product or service? Our chat program allows you to do that. It’s very easy to install and once it is installed, it gives you all the information you may ever need in order to carry out a chat conversation with a customer who cannot make up his or her mind regarding doing business with you.

Chat Program

What makes Click4Assistance chat program more effective?

You will have the ability to know where your visitor entered your website, which pages he or she has visited and in which section he or she has spent most of his or her time. This is what makes our chat software for business more effective. It also gives your visitor’s geographic location and time zone. All this information may not make sense in the beginning because after all what is intelligence? Intelligence is the amount of information gathered over a period of time and conclusions drawn from it. So after using our chat program for a few weeks you will be able to draw a clear picture of user behaviour on your website. You will know when people make purchases and when they quit your shopping cart midway. You will know where they get stuck. You will know what sort of problems they are facing during the checkout process. You will know, at which juncture you should initiate a chat with your visitor. The more precise your understanding becomes, the more effective our chat program will become.

A chat program with UK-based support

Click4Assistance is a UK-based live chat software provider with all staff present in the UK. So there will be no communication gap when you need support. We don’t just understand the problems that you may face while trying to make our chat program work; we will also be able to understand the problems you may be facing due to your visitors. For instance, suppose you are managing a school website and you’re facing some problems having chat conversations with people seeking admissions in your school. A chat program company from another country may not have the same understanding of the problems that you may face. We on the other hand will totally understand and provide you the needed support accordingly.

A chat program that is a complete package

Our chat program paints a complete picture of the behaviour of your visitor when he or she is visiting your website. That’s one thing. You can also initiate video chats with your visitors in case they prefer a face-to-face interaction. All the chat transcripts will be automatically saved so that in case you need to retrieve some information later on you can easily access it. Our servers use 256 bit encryption to make your saved conversations are completely private and secure.

Why sharing information over a chat program is easier compared to sharing information over telephone.

Can you share your links while talking on phone? Especially if they are lengthy URLs? No, you cannot. Very carefully you will have to make the other person jot down the URL. In the chat program on the other hand, you simply need to copy/paste the URL and the other person will immediately get it. He or she can quickly click the link and go to the page. Similarly if you want to give a form to someone and if that form can be delivered digitally, with phone it is not possible but with our chat software for website you can immediately transfer the file to the other person. You can transfer PDFs, image files and even links to videos for that matter.

You can start using our chat program right now

You can start using the trial version of our chat program right now. All you have to do is enter your details and you are set to go. All the features that are available in the Enterprise package are also available during the trial period. So what are you waiting for? Start converting visitors into paying customers and clients with our chat program this very hour. Download our live chat software.

Chat Program