Chat Software for website

Live help chat software for your website

Live help chat software for your website enhances the impact of your knowledge and at the same time grows your business. Over the years you have accumulated lots of knowledge about your business. You understand the problems of your customers. You know exactly what bothers them when they are just about to make a purchase. You know their doubts and concerns. You know what excites them and what puts them off. The sort of information that you have about them maybe even they don’t have it. So why not use this knowledge, with the help of our live chat software?

A website without live chat software is like a business establishment without a phone, but that’s beside the point. The real benefit of having a live chat software on your website is that it allows you to exploit your sales and marketing skills and turn even reluctant visitors into paying customers, and not just paying customers, but customers who may purchase multiple items from your website and even recommend your website to their family members, friends and colleagues.

Chat Software For Website

A chat software for your business website that is ready to be used in minutes

In fact it takes just a few minutes to set up the basic form of our chat software on your website and start using it to increase your sales. Since it is so easy to install and use, and considering the massive benefits that it brings to you, there is no reason for your business not to already be using our chat software for website. The only reason might be that you are not aware of it.

Know your customers well with our business chat software

Knowing your customers well helps you sell more and it also helps you improve your product or service. For any business to thrive, feedback is must. Without feedback you never know how people feel about your product or service. The best way to get live feedback from your website is to initiate chat sessions with your visitors. They are in the right position to tell you what is missing and what is great in your product or service, or whether there are too many distractions on your website or whether the interface helps them make a decision in your favour or sends them away from you. When you interact live with your website visitors using our business live chat you can also know what are the features that people actually need in your product or service rather than what you have assumed. This will help you tremendously improve and consequently, serve your customers well.

This is the information that you get from your customers. But what about the information that you don’t get from your customers? This information you get from our business chat software. Analytics is a big part of knowing your customer’s behaviour. Our business chat software can tell you from which place your customer is logging on to your website and which link has sent him or her to your website. You can also know which search engines have sent the visitor to your website for which keyword. This tells you what your customer is looking for and whether your website has it or not.

No email clutter with our business chat software

Just imagine how much email you can avoid by providing answers there and then. Normally you may have 100s of emails every morning waiting for your attention. These emails can be drastically reduced if you can solve most of the problems using our business chat software. Most of the problems don’t take much effort but replying to email can be a gargantuan task. Besides, when waiting for your response your customers may change their minds and if they are in a hurry, may purchase what they want, from your competitor. With a chat button there is no reason for them to wait, get distracted or go to your competitor. If they have a problem, they can immediately click the chat icon, talk to you, get the right information, and make the purchase.

Our business live chat software helps you work smarter

With our business chat software you can prepare canned responses to repeat questions to save time and provide answers quicker. Over a period of time a pattern will emerge because the questions are going to be more or less same. Whenever a customer poses a question to you, all you have to do is quickly look it up in the questions database and dig out the canned response in a fraction of a second.

You can also have dedicated URLs answering to particular questions so that you simply have to copy/paste the URL into the chat window instead of going through the same old routine again and again for every customer.

Download and start using our business chat software

There is no need to wait because there is no risk involved. Simply download the trial version from our website, and you can start serving your customers from the word go. Yes, you will need to put the chat button somewhere on your website – the code for the chat button will be given to you by the chat software once you have installed it. Love our live chat software? From the trial version it’s extremely easy to go to the premium version. Would you like to customize it according to the look and feel of your website? Surely, it’s a breeze. You can do it, your web designer can do it, and if you want us to do it, yes, even we can do it for you. Just download it and start using it.

Chat Software For Website