Chat solutions for websites

Bespoke chat solutions for websites

Various websites use different chat solutions but there is one thing common in all these websites, whenever you come across such chat solutions, you feel more comfortable doing business with these websites rather than those websites where some sort of chat solutions haven’t been installed.

Live chat software from Click4Assistance is the easiest way to talk to your visitors right when they need your help. In many instances they don’t even have to ask you for help because after a while, our software gives you enough intelligence to make your offer of help intuit.

Chat Solutions For Websites

Chat solutions turn websites into interactive experiences

There are still many websites that don’t have any sort of chat solutions for websites installed and hence there is no way the visitors can interact with the promoters. Don’t let your website be one of such websites. When you haven’t installed any chat solution on your website you leave everything to your visitors. Whether they do business with you or not, whether they understand the benefits of your product or service or not, whether they can figure out how to do business with you, everything is left to them. You have made a website and then you can just passively wait. Chat solutions empower you. Chat solutions on websites allow business owners to take charge of how visitors do business with them – at least a big percentage of visitors.

A big part of chat solutions is website analytics

Before you can initiate a chat session you need to know what your visitor has been up to. The chat support software from Click4Assistance can tell you from where (which web page or blog post) the visitor entered your website, which website or search engine has sent him and if it was the search engine that sent him, what keyword or key phrase the visitor used in order to arrive at your website, what all pages he has visited, where he has spent the most time and which are the pages that he has repeatedly visited. Our chat solution also tells you whether he is a repeat visitor or a first time visitors.

Aside from these statistics you can also find out from which geographic location your visitor has logged on and if he represents a company. If he is a registered visitor then all the associated details are immediately available to you along with the archives of previous chat sessions.

Yes, each and every chat session is saved. These are called chat transcripts. In fact one of the greatest benefits of using chat solutions for websites is that you can save the transcripts so that you can refer back to them whenever you need to refresh your memory. In the similar vein, even your visitor can save the chat transcripts on his or her computer in text format.

Don’t all chat solutions for websites these days offer such features?

Some do and some don’t. We will be honest, you may find such features in many chat solutions on many websites. But when it comes to using software applications it’s not the features, but the support that comes after you have purchased the application. All our chat solutions for websites come with solid after-sale support that is fully based in the UK. Our entire technical and support team is from the UK and we understand the local problems. Other than that, our chat solutions are easy to install. All you have to do is download it (the installation files) and then upload it to your FTP server. After that you just need to run the setup file and you are all set to go.

This is the reason many websites in the UK are using our chat solutions with a great degree of success. Whether you are a local school or a high-tech company providing cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses and organisations, you can easily use one of our chat solutions on your website to give live support to your existing as well as prospective customers and clients.

Why do websites use chat solutions from Click4Assistance?

Here are a few reasons why websites all over the UK use our chat solutions:

  • Highly customisable chat solutions: Our chat solutions can be used out-of-the-box and they can also be completely customised according to your individual needs. Whenever our chat solutions are running on different websites they are so much ingrained within the basic structure of the websites that you won’t even realise that they are using one of the chat solutions from Click4Assistance.
  • We bring to the table a wealth of experience: We have been in the business of providing chat solutions for websites in the UK for many years and we know the problems and concerns of our customers like the back of our hand. We have worked with some of the UK’s biggest and most recognised businesses and organisations.
  • We use the most secure data centres in Europe: Our highly secure servers use 256 bit encryption to ensure complete data security and privacy protection.
  • We offer the most comprehensive set of features: You can engage your visitors both with text chat as well as video chat. You can track their movements while they explore various sections of your website. You can create canned responses. Our chat solutions for websites work from multiple devices.

So don’t wait for another day. Download our live chat software and install it on your website today.

Chat Solutions For Websites