Chat support software

Are you doing business without chat support software?

If you are doing your business without chat support software then there is a great chance that you are losing 50%-60% of your business every day. This is because more than 60% people abandon shopping carts and many of them leave because they cannot figure out how to finally make the purchase. There is no timely help available. In plain terms, the website does not use any chat support software. Surprisingly, even bigger e-commerce websites sometimes ignore this overwhelming fact that installing chat support software can significantly improve their conversion rate.

Chat Support Software

Chat support software allows you to be there when needed

Shopping on an e-commerce website can be a lonely business whether one is an experienced shopper or a novice. Every interface comes with a new twist. Sometimes people even don't know how to use their credit cards and when the payment gateway generates an error, they think perhaps there is some problem with the website and hence, move on without making a purchase. These are the small, but significant holes that installing chat support software can plug.

Chat support software can also be use as a great intelligence gathering tool

Analytics is an integral part of the chat support software from Click4Assistance. Right from the moment when a person enters your website to the checkout link, the entire itinerary can be tracked using our chat solutions. So you can observe with great accuracy what path a particular person follows before he or she makes a purchase or abandons the shopping cart or abandons the website before using the shopping cart. After a while you will see a pattern emerging and then you can use this pattern to create an intelligent system of initiating chat interactions using our chat support software. At the precise moment you can approach your visitors and offer them help which they will greatly appreciate.

The intelligence gathered from our chat support software will also help you remove existing problems in your website because after observing their behaviour you will be able to pinpoint the problem areas and then work on them. Maybe the copy is confusing. Maybe you’re not providing the right information. Maybe there is a particular page that is misleading – unintentionally – and instead of sending people to your catalogue it is sending them away. This simple intelligence can also be found by using web analytics tools but they are very complex and you often need outside help to figure them out.

Use our chat support software just the way your customers want

Some customers and clients prefer face-to-face talk and they’re not comfortable exchanging text messages. Provided you have web cams installed you can also have video chat with your visitors in real-time. This way they will have a real-world experience and as they shop on your website you can guide them through every process.

The same steps can also be achieved with text chat. The exchange of digital information is much more convenient when you use the text chat because then you can simply copy/paste the text as well as the URLs. It’s also easier to exchange canned responses with text chat.

Prepare an inventory of questions using our chat support software

Over the weeks, months and years, either directly or through the chat transcripts you will be able to gather a long list of questions that people normally ask. You can compile these questions and their answers on a dedicated page so that people can refer to them in case they feel clueless on your website.

Install our chat support software today

There is no need to worry because your customers are leaving your website without buying your product or service even while you are reading this, really. You can stop them from going. Download our live chat software trial version and start converting your casual visitors into paying customers and clients from the word go. Installing our chat solutions for websites is as simple as installing a mobile app (well, slightly more than that but almost the same). Upload the installation files, run the setup file and just in a few minutes you will be advising your customers and clients how to purchase your great product or how to do business with you seamlessly.

Chat Support Software