Chat Solutions

Live chat solutions that make you stand out

On the Internet it’s all about standing out and our live chat solutions for websites can help you in a great manner. A great thing about the web is that it’s extremely easy for any business to set up shop. The downside is there is too much competition. Even businesses that provide mediocre services, even no services at all, can compete with you just to cause trouble. Our live chat software can help you reach out to your visitors proactively and help them distinguish you from the others.

Chat Solutions

Live chat solutions for different business needs

Our chat solutions for businesses are easily scalable. Whether you are a tiny shop running a one-person enterprise or running a large organization spanning multiple geographic locations, you can easily use our various live chat solutions to serve your customers and clients (or citizens) when they are visiting your website. Build bridges with your customers and clients by engaging them at crucial moments with our feature-packed chat solutions that can be easily implemented on any sort of website. Our chat solutions are being used by

  • Schools and colleges
  • Government websites
  • Web design websites
  • Legal advisory websites
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Hospitality industry
  • Business consulting services
  • ...and many more

Your search for live chat solutions ends here

Provide online customer support service on your website with just a click of an icon. It doesn’t matter if you are logged on from a PC or laptop or a mobile device, you can operate from anywhere, from any device as long as you have a decent Internet connection and a contemporary browser. All our activities are cloud-based and our data is 128-bit encrypted.

Drastically reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate with our chat solutions

Online market studies have shown that almost 66% customers abandon e-commerce shopping carts midway and 40-60% prefer to shop on websites that have some sort of live chat solutions installed. Why is it so?

Having one of the chat solutions installed on your website instils a sense of confidence among your visitors. They know that it is not some isolated place just left in abeyance to get chance business. When they see a chat button or a chat icon they know that someone is there to respond to their queries, some real person, eager to do business. Most of the purchases are impulsive and once this impulse is gone people normally don’t purchase. By installing one of our chat solutions you can make use of this compulsive buying tendency to prompt people not to leave your website without carrying out a business transaction or at least subscribe to your newsletter.

You can also assist first-time buyers in case they are facing some problems. Not everybody is comfortable making a purchase online although they would like to do it. They need some guidance and some handholding. Sometimes they aren’t even aware of which fields to fill in. At every stage you can help them, you can help them fill out every field and check every checkbox right up till the final purchase action. This way you can drastically reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate, almost to 0%.

Are our chat solutions difficult to install?

Not at all. Yes, you will need FTP access to your server and either you must have the access or your web designer. You just need to download the installation files from our server and then upload them to your FTP server. After that, right from your browser window, you have to launch the installation file. The instructions are quite intuitive and logical. We have made sure there are no ambiguities and no cryptic jargon is used in the installation files. Even a non-technical person can easily install our chat solutions. A step-by-step procedure tells you exactly what you do and before you know it you are ready to use our chat support software.

Our chat solutions come with no risk involved

Not sure whether your website needs a chat solution or not? Although every business website requires live chat solution there is a natural resistance to anything new so this is why we offer you a trial version of our great live chat solution. All you have to do is log onto our website, create a free account, and download the trial version. The trial version is feature-packed – all the features that you get in the premium version you also get in the trial version (although for a limited time frame so that you can get a taste of it). So don’t hesitate. Open the floodgates of opportunities. Install our chat solution and begin a new chapter in your entrepreneurship.

Chat Solutions