Chat Software for business

The perfect chat software for your business

The perfect chat software for your business is the one that seamlessly integrates with your website, becomes an integral part of it, gives you a complete picture of the activities of your visitors while they are on your website, and an ability to initiate chat talks just at the right time. We are glad to tell you that our Click4Assistance chat software for business perfectly fits the bill. It’s a complete chat solution for your website and we have packages that can be tailored to any business whether you have a smaller set up, a medium-sized business, a government organization or department, school or a college or a hospital, or a large scale enterprise. Whether you have one employee, a couple of employees or even thousands of employees – our chat software seamlessly scales to your business needs.

Chat Software For Business

A business chat software for a long-term commitment

At Click4Assistance we are not just for selling a piece of software and then going our way. It’s a long-term commitment. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers through live support and one-on-one consultation. Once your business starts using our chat software we are always there for you, just a phone call away or even better, just a chat-button-click away. We use the latest technology and the most current programming conventions to bring you cutting-edge chat software for website at a minimal cost. When it comes to protecting your privacy and safety, we would like to assure you that our servers use 256 bit encryption. Although you can save your transcripts on your local computer or your local server, the chat transcripts that are automatically saved on our servers go through multiple backup procedures so that you never lose them and it never falls in wrong hands.

Our chat software is a seamless fit for your business because it is one of the most customisable solutions in the market. We are constantly working and adding new features and security measures to bring you the best of the breed.

Increase your sales with our business chat software

According to a recent survey 82% Internet users said that they eagerly do business with a website that has live chat software installed. They are four times more likely to make a purchase on the websites that offer live chat support. Besides, you can actually see the conversion happening right in front of your eyes. You can also set triggers so that you get a notification when a visitor hits a conversion page on your website. This gives you an idea how successful your chat sessions are and how accurate your judgement is when it comes to initiating a chat session just at the right moment.

Engaging your customers on your website through business live chat not just helps you sell the product a particular customer wants to buy, but also suggest her to try out another related product, and increasing your sales in the process. Suppose you sell mobile phones and related accessories. If you have convinced someone, using our chat software, to buy a particular model of mobile phone from your website, he or she might as well purchase the cool flip cover for that model. Now that the flip cover has been purchased, why not also purchase the screen guard that will protect the original screen of the mobile phone for a long time? What about a small pouch that can be used to carry the phone around? This sort of up selling and cross-selling is not possible if someone is wandering around your website on her own. This can only happen when you engage people through business chat software when they are on your website. Download our chat software and start growing your business today.

Using our chat software helps you improve perception of your business

Using our chat software also improves your overall business perception and helps you generate a loyal customer base and many among them turn into your evangelists. It is the experience that matters and if you give them good experience, they remember you and they also recommend you. There might be thousands of websites serving the same requirement but you can gain an edge by proactively engaging your visitors and providing them the help that they need.

So what are you waiting for? You have got nothing to lose and there are infinite possibilities to be gained. Allow your visitors to contact you just with a click of a chat icon. Offer help in real-time when they need your help. Non-stop connectivity across devices allows you to be there for your customers when it matters the most. Download our live chat software today and install it. Do let us know if you need our help.

Chat Software For Business