An online chat system you can totally rely on

An online chat system needs to be reliable, stable, robust, secure and scalable. You get all these qualities if you get your online chat system setup by Click4Assistance. We have been helping businesses, organisations and government offices establish fully integrated online chat systems on their websites for many years now.

Online Chat System

Why your business website needs a robust online chat system in place

Having an online chat system fully working on your website no longer remains an option. It is as integral a part of your website as, say, your contact form, your phone number, your email ID and a well-defined navigation system. Without a business chat service your website seems archaic.

Although almost all major websites have one or another online chat system installed, more awareness is needed because there are millions of businesses that can make use of an online chat system but since they are not aware of either its utility value or even its existence, they don't do so. Listed below are some reasons why your business website needs an online chat system actively functioning.

  • You need to actively engage your visitors: When you engage with your visitors they remember you better. Engagement means having conversations with people so that they can relate you to the work you do on the product you sell. Engaging doesn't necessarily mean selling. It means simply being there when people need to reach out to you all when you need to reach out to them. Our online chat system helps you do that.
  • You need to offer help to your prospective customers and clients at strategic junctures: There are certain points on your website when people need your help. Sometimes they are aware of it and sometimes they are not. Even when sometimes they are aware that they need help they don't know how to get help from you and clueless, they leave your website, maybe to seek answers somewhere else or altogether abandon the idea of buying the product or service. As you go on using our business chat service you will gather an intelligence that will allow you to know exactly at what point you need to offer help or at least be there when the person needs your help.
  • You need to up-sell and cross-sell: In order to increase your business you can't simply leave it up to your visitor how much he purchases, what he purchases or whether he purchases or not. You have to proactively take charge. You can use our online chat system to up-sell and cross-sell products and services that your visitor hadn't thought of buying initially. This way sometimes you can even double the sales originally meant to happen.
  • You need to create a positive perception about your business: As mentioned above, the question is not whether to have an online chat system in place or not, the question is, what sort of online chat system you should have. Visitors these days expect you to have some sort of chat facility they can instantly use in case they need your help. When they don't see a chat icon on your website they assume that you want to remain aloof and you're not in sync with the times. Some people leave disenchanted immediately when they don't see an active online chat system on a website.

A feature-rich online chat system immediately available to you

Our online chat system is easily scalable and customisable and best, our trial version is packed full of features. It's not like you can use certain features only when you get the premium version of our online chat system. You get to test out everything and actually experience improved sales from the word go. All you need to do is, register on our website, download the setup files, upload them onto your server, run the setup files and publish the code that enables you to show the chat button prominently on your website.

You can have 2 chat buttons set up – one that shows your online status and another that shows you're off-line status. So in case you or your chat agents are not online our online chat system automatically displays off-line status. As soon as you or one of your chat agents are online, the online chat system automatically displays online status. It is as simple as that.

There is no need to worry. You don't need technical knowledge in order to use our business chat service. You can start using it right now

Online Chat System

Online Chat System