Our online help chat can literally make your visitors eat out of your hands

Our online help chat enables you to increase brand loyalty and helps you retain your customers and clients because you can provide them timely help. Various industry reports have revealed that even if a product or service is wanting, if the business promoting that product or service provides efficient help, customers and clients keep coming back to that business. Online help chat can contribute in this regard to a great extent.

Online Help Chat

How you make your visitors happy with online help chat

Having online help chat running on your website means you are there in case someone needs you. It doesn't have to be intrusive. Your chat button can sit quietly in the corner at the bottom or at the top with very gentle reminders that in case the visitor needs to talk to someone, you are just round the corner.

You can use our online help chat two ways:

  1. Initiate chat from your end – You can set up automatic triggers to notify send out proactive invitations using our online help chat. Some business owners prefer to greet their visitors as soon as they enter the website but this is normally not advised because many visitors find it annoying. But there are certain sections on your website where your visitors will welcome your help even if they are not aware that they actually need your help. This might be the case while using your shopping cart. 60% of shopping cart abandonments happen because people cannot figure out how to proceed or they are not sure how to use their credit cards. With a greater number of elderly people having credit cards doing their purchases online, it's all the more reasonable that you use a business chat service to offer them and assist them around in case they cannot find the information they need and they don't even know how to contact you.
  2. Let your visitors contact you – By prominently displaying the online help chat button on your website you can let your visitors know that they can contact you immediately whenever they need to. Of course they can also contact you using phone or email but they have gained a negative perception about them these days. People are often put on hold when they call support and this can be really annoying. Even if they send you an email, they are not sure when they are going to hear back from you and this may stop them from writing to you. So the best option is to display a visible chat icon on your website because this indicates the help is immediately available.

Is it difficult to get online help chat installed on your website?

Not at all. In fact, installing online help chat on your website might be the easiest aspect of running a business website because you simply need to embed the needed code somewhere prominently. That's it, literally within minutes you can have a robust business chat service running on your website and you can engage your visitors and turn them into paying customers and clients.

Online help chat with inbuilt intelligence tools

It always helps to know your visitors better. Our inbuilt intelligence tools give you ample amount of information about your visitors before you can initiate chat conversations with them. Real-time identification of exactly who is on your website, for how long he or she has visited particular pages and currently on which page he or she is, gives you a three-dimensional view of the current situation.

In case the person leaves your website our business chat service will even tell you the last page he or she was visiting before leaving your website. This way you know the page that sends most of your visitors away and you can make changes to that page to stop this from happening in future. Or if that page cannot be changed you can set up automatic triggers that will invite visitors to chat when someone is on that page.

Use our online help chat the way your visitors want

Our eyeContact feature allows your visitors to have video chats with you or one of your chat representatives. It is believed that body language accounts for 93% of human communication and when people see you actually talking to them they are more prone to doing business with you. You can build trust by using the video chat feature of our online help chat.

But of course not everybody likes face-to-face conversation. This is why text chat works for the greater number of people. Besides, not everybody has a web cam. This is why our online help chat offers multiple modes of chat conversations.

What if some people don't prefer real-time conversation but still want to use online help chat? They can simply leave a message for you with the contact details and later on you can get in touch with them.

So what are you waiting for? Start using business chat service today, or even better, right now

Online Help Chat

Online Help Chat