Free live chat software, is there such a thing?

I would like to be clear from the start, we do not offer free live chat software. Click4Assistance provides businesses in numerous market sectors a business class live chat system, if your company is looking for something that fills all your requirements, like in every aspect of live nothing is ever free.

Free Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software that isn’t really free

Other free live chat software offerings usually come with numerous restrictions, you can only handle one chat at a time, and functionality is so limited you may as well use skype. Even if you can deal with the lack of ability, do you really want to show your customers you using free live chat software on your professionally built website?

Maybe you happy to settle for a bland online sales chat that has no bearing on the design and colour scheme of your business website, you might even have to settle for third party adverts and promotional material streamed to your customers while they are engaged in chat with your business.

As the saying goes, first impressions count! Don’t let your company be a victim to these methods; they will only damage your reputation in the long run if you decide to use free live chat software.

Why can’t I use Skype as an alternative to a free Live Chat Service?

Skype is a great tool which has been around for many years, offering free calls to user, a fantastic product which allows live chat communication as well as video chat, with millions of users across the globe using it.

Unfortunately this all comes with two major down-falls when it comes to a business class free live chat software solution.

Number 1 – In order to accept a visitor attempting to starting a chat, voice or video conversation somebody in your company needs to be online and available to handle the incoming chats. These chats can only be routed to one skype address, so the designated member of staff cannot take time-off, be sick or take a holiday!

Number 2 – Both a member of your staff and the visitor must be online and available when a chat is started, most business is carried out between 9-5 weekdays when your potential customers are at work, they probably don’t have their personal skype installed, even if they did it would be unlikely they would use it.

What’s the alternative to Online Sales Chat?

In short, there really isn’t one if you’re looking for business class live chat software. However, with the cost of less than £1/day to handle live chats using a uk based live chat software that fills all your requirements, do you really need a free alternative?

Depending on your industry, even if one chat resulted in a quality lead or even a sale, the cost of using a professional free live chat service would easily be recuperated in a short period. Not only would you be able to chat but this live chat window would also enable you to see exactly who is on your website and how they found you, giving you the ability to reach out and engage using proactive invitations offering visitors your assistance and answering their questions.

Going back to a previous point, the free live chat software you use on your website will reflect on your company. You must therefore ensure any visitor facing aspects can be fully configured and branadable to ensure a seamless fit into your existing website. Visitors who start a chat need to feel comfortable they are chatting with somebody in your organisation.

We offer a free Live Chat Software trial

If you’re looking for a product which gives you all the functionality your business deservers, without any limitations and which allows any visitors facing aspects to be fully customised without having to stream 3rd party marketing information and promotional, then Click4Assistance live chat software UK is for you.

So you to see the benefits of using a first rate, business class, professional, full featured online sales chat product and make your own mind up, we currently offer a no obligation free trial.

All you need to do is sign-up for the free trial on our website, we don’t ask for any payment details such as a credit card, simply sign-up, copy a small piece of script into your website and you chatting with visitors straight away using our live chat service.

Free Live Chat Software