A Live Chat System for your website

Click4Assistance a UK provider specialises in a live chat system for business websites used by companies wishing to increase their sales, improve support or generate more leads.

live chat system

So why choose Click4Assistance the live chat service provider?

With a number of offerings on the market, businesses must ensure they choose the right live chat system for their organisation. Not only should you ensure the system provides the functionality required for your business, like any other service you should not forget about the customer service offered.

If your operating 9-5, Monday to Friday, you should be able to pick–up the phone and speak with somebody regarding any questions you have regarding implementation, configuration or handling live chats. Nobody likes to send an email these days and wait in anticipation for a response, a live chat service provider should be able to assist you when you need it.

Being a UK based company, Click4Assistance understand the needs of a UK business, and with vast experience in live chat software can ensure your business implements a live chat system in the most effective way.

Our account managers, support and development team are all under one roof, located just outside London, this gives you a huge pool of resources when you need it, whether it’s something simple like adding a new user, or something more technical like branding the chat window so it fits the look and style of your website.

A live chat system with all the features

If you have done your research you will probably realise there is more to live chat software than just having the ability to chat with visitors on your website. Apart from standard features like being able to monitor visitors on your website in real-time and send them proactive invitations to engage, here are some other very useful features offer within one complete package:

  • Video Chat – Providing 1 or 2 way, video and voice communication between visitors on your website and your staff
  • Meeting Rooms – Allow multiple visitors to engage in a chat room environment, allowing you to host event and seminars.
  • Click2Call – Allow you visitors to enter their phone number and out live chat system will contact them to your staff automatically using the normal phone network.

A fully customisable live chat system

Click4Assistance the live chat service provider has no doubt your company has spent a lot of time, effort and money on your website. Our live chat system has been designed to allow complete customisation and flexibility to its entire visitor facing aspects, ensuring a seamless fit within your website.

Let’s be honest you don’t want to bolt any old third party plug-in onto your business website, you want to ensure is part of the sites design and look. By using standard HTML and CSS, Click4Assistance the live chat service provider allows you to design each chat window and form exactly how you desire. You have the ability to upload your own images, change the colour scheme and layout specific to your needs and requirements.

It couldn’t be easier adding to your website

By simply adding a small piece of script to your webpage, the Click4Assistance live chat system will give you the complete ability to chat live with visitors on your website, monitor visitors in real-time and “push” proactive invitations out and engage with them while browsing your website.

It really couldn’t be easier, the live chat system will automatically generate the script you need; all you have to do is simply copy and paste it into your business website. We even offer a Wordpress plug-in for those of you who use WordPress websites!

Once the script is added, any changes to the chat button, chat window or proactive invitations are carried out within the Click4Assistance live chat solution. You can select from a number of pre-defined chat window, chat buttons and probative invitations. Or even uploaded you own, which can be designed within image design software such as Photoshop.

A no strings live chat solution

Click4assistance understand no business takes the implementation of a live chat solution lightly, that’s why we offer a full featured trial with no obligation. Our account managers and support team are based right here in the UK and more than willing to offer advice and assistance.

Simply just create an account, download the software and copy the script into your business website, you can be chatting with visitors in less than an hour.

No need to enter your credit card, start your trial today and experience the benefit a live chat system can offer your business.

Live Chat System

live chat system