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The best thing about the website chat software from Click4Assistance is that it fits all budgets and business sizes. Whether yours is a small business, a medium-sized business or a large enterprise or even an institution or government department, the website chat software from Click4Assistance easily scales according to the number of your visitors and the number of people you have hired to engage your visitors.

This has been established beyond doubt that businesses all over the world experience a 40-60% improvement in the number of people buying their products and services once they have installed the website chat tool on their websites. So if you feel that your business needs a dependable push, you should install our live chat solution without further delay.

Website Chat Software

Website chat software used by the pros

Our chat solutions for website is extremely easy to install. Within 5 minutes you should be able to start talking to your visitors and prospective customers and clients. But it doesn't mean that it is not for the pros. It is one of the most advanced live chat support software you can find on the Internet with features that allow you to improve your ROI manifold within a few days.

It isn't just a conversion machine. It also helps you get targeted traffic from search engines and social networking websites by revealing to you the details that cannot be accessed by using simple web analytics tools. The analytics tools that are shipped with our live chat support software equip you with deep insight into the way people use your website and the way they come across your website and also the way they decide to leave your website without doing business with you. If you know why people aren't doing business with you, you can remove the hurdles and increase your sales and leads.

How can you improve your SEO with our website chat tool?

Every web analytics tool tells you what keywords people are using in order to find your website on search engines. But you rarely come across analytics tools that tell you which keywords actually turn into more business. But our website chat software tells you that. If people come from search engines you know precisely which keywords and search terms they used prior to coming to your website and what path they followed while browsing through the various sections on your website. This gives you a fair idea of how people behave on your website when they are looking for certain keywords and search terms.

How does this information help you improve your SEO? Suppose you observe that the conversion rate for a particular keyword is quite good but the keyword itself doesn't enjoy better search engine rankings on major search engines. So instead of wasting time on other non-performing keywords, you can put all your energies into improving your rankings for the keyword that enjoys better conversion rate.

What about the keyword that you think should perform better but doesn't? With the analytics information that comes with our website chat software you get the exact numbers of sales and leads generated by that particular keyword. Maybe the copy isn't very effective. Maybe the placement of various elements on the web page are causing distraction rather than keeping people focused. Maybe not enough targeted people are coming for that keyword. You can keep on making improvements and then measuring the results using the web analytics tool that comes with our website chat tool.

Start chatting today with our website chat software

You can take a free ride with the trial version of our website chat software. The features that come with the trial version aren't limited – you get all the features that you get in the premium version of our website chat software. All you have to do is, register yourself on our website – Click4Assistance.co.uk – then follow the steps listed in the email and within 5-10 minutes you can start chatting with your prospective customers and clients. Register now for our live chat solution.