A website live chat software application you cannot afford to miss

If you are looking for a website live chat software application to increase your business you cannot afford to miss what we offer at Click4Assistance.

We don't just offer you website live chat software; we offer you a complete package that turns your website into a marketing powerhouse. What do you need in order to be successful on the Internet?

  • You need to know your visitors
  • You need to engage them
  • You need to capture their contact details
  • You need to offer them help as soon as they need it
  • You need to be there when they are looking out for you

If you can take care of these aspects, there is no reason why your business shouldn't experience raving success.

Our website live chat software helps you achieve all these, and much more.

Website Live Chat Software

Track every aspect of your conversion with our website live chat software

How does conversion happen? What really drives your revenue?

You need to maximise your targeted traffic. Using our website live chat software you can monitor your web marketing campaigns by closely identifying the referring websites that are sending traffic your way. When visitors come to your website, our website live chat software toolbox tells you from where that person has come to your website. He or she might have come from another website, an online forum, or best, from a search engine using a keyword. All these crucial details are provided to you by our website live chat software. It also tells you the geographic location so that you can decide if you want to appear online or off-line according to the location of the person.

Know which pages are more popular on your website. Our website chat solution toolbox tells you which are the pages that are visited the most by your visitors and how much time people actually spend on those pages and this is very critical information; using this information you can maximise your conversion effort and make sure that more and more business is generated from those pages. In fact if you notice that there are some pages that are hardly visited, you can either remove them or make changes so that they also begin to get some traffic.

The visitor analysis capabilities of our website live chat software toolbox allow you to increase your revenue

As you repeatedly use our website live chat software you will begin to identify revenue generating navigation patterns. When people buy from you, they follow a particular path. Maybe individually the path differs from person to person, but when a bigger picture begins to emerge, you will notice a pattern and you can use this pattern to initiate chat conversations with your visitors. You can also use this pattern to make further improvements in your website.

For example, you notice that there is a particular page on your website that people visit before finally making the payment. You also notice that this is the page that also sends people away. This means, this page either sends people away or it sends them towards your payment page. So there must be something on this page that either encourages people to make the payment or discourages them so much that they leave your website. This is the page where you need to initiate a chat conversation so that in case there is a confusion, you can remove that confusion.

How do you do that? This is where you realise how powerful our website live chat software is.

You can set up automatic triggers. So as soon as someone comes on this page, you get a notification from within your dashboard to prompt you to have a chat conversation with the visitor. You can even have a bigger chat button on this page so that in case there is a problem, people can easily see a chat button and in case they need some clarification, they can immediately get it from you. If you don't want to leave this up to them, you can initiate a chat session on your own. But the moot point is, our website live chat software gives you the power to have conversations with your visitors just when it matters the most.

What are you waiting for? You can install our website live chat software in just 5 minutes

Installing our website live chat software on your website is extremely easy. Create an account on our website. After completing your account you will be sent the download for the desktop application. You can also get trial version of the software that has all the capabilities of the premium version. Reach out to your visitors and offer them all the help they need.

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