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A website chat tool immediately empowers you to hold meaningful conversations with your visitors and turn them into paying customers and clients in just a matter of a few minutes. A big problem with doing business through websites is that there is no personal, human connection. Everything is so disconnected. In a brick and mortar office, retail store or shop there are scores of employees who are constantly interacting with your prospective customers and clients. This is not the case when it comes to selling things and services from a website. You have to leave everything to the way your website is designed and programmed.

Can you leave your entire business in the hands of your website? What if your website design isn't conducive to doing business with you? What if its interactivity is sending people away rather than encouraging them to do business with you? A website chat tool can help you rectify such issues with little effort.

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Render a personal touch with our website chat tool

Although many people are getting used to buying products or subscribing to services quietly on websites, a majority of them don't even realise how much they miss human interaction and once they are provided such interaction on a website, they are simply thrilled about it. They are pleasantly surprised if, with a website chat tool, you politely approach them and ask them if they need some help.

Do you think people will be annoyed if you initiate a chat session on your own?

In most of the cases they are not annoyed simply because they understand that you are running a business and not a free website and when you're running business, you would want to approach your prospective customers and clients to make a pitch.

A website chat tool that is compatible with all sorts of communication needs

At Click4Assistance we understand that we live in a mobile, connected world. People no longer want to just sit in front of their computers and laptops and carry out business activities. They want to be able to run their businesses even on the move. This is why our website chat tool can be managed and operated from all mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets provided you have an Internet connection. Our interface seamlessly scales according to the size of your screen and your operating system. Of course you can also interact with your visitors using the conventional desktop, but that's another issue. Just as you get alerts on your computer, you also get alerts on your phone or on your tablet PC once you have synced your website live chat software with your main account.

Our website chat tool allows you to chat with your visitors in multiple modes. Of course people can chat with you using text chat. But if you have web cams installed on both the sides, you can also hold video chat because many people like to talk face-to-face and feel more confident and direct. Some people don't prefer that, this is why text chat is more suitable for them.

At times when you cannot be online, there is an option to send you an email right from your website. Our live chat software comes with a fully customisable contact form facility that allows people to send you emails using the interface on your website. This way they don't need to leave your website in order to email you their problem or issue. This is also a great way to get leads from your visitors. Sometimes they don't want to interact or don't want to buy something but they would like to leave a message so that in case you have something that they really want, you can get back to them.

In fact even if you have a chat with them, they need to furnish their contact details such as name and email ID so it is a very good way of collecting contact information in a legitimate manner.

What are you waiting for? Get our website chat tool for your website right now

You don't need a specialised program in order to install our website chat tool. Unless there is a great customisation requirement, you can install our website chat tool on your own. Just create an account (if you haven't already done so) on our website, run the setup file (you can do it from your browser) and within 5 minutes you will be chatting with your visitors and turning them into customers and clients.

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