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Best Live Chat: It’s Customer Service not an Easter Egg Hunt
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29 March 2016

Gemma Baker


Best Live Chat: It’s Customer Service not an Easter Egg Hunt

After a relaxing Easter weekend, we are now back at the daily grind, and as most of us took it easy this weekend, we explore how the best live chat customer service should be just as simple and not an Easter egg hunt.


Easter is a fantastic time to set up Easter egg hunts around the house and garden for kids and big kids alike, ok maybe not kids, just yourself and you’re not hunting them, you’re lounging on the sofa scoffing a stash that you were meant to give to loved ones, or is that just us? Easter might be a time for hunting around but like us on the sofa we want everything to come easy, and when it comes to best live chat customer service we want that to be as simple as possible.

When navigating a website, customers don't want to hunt around for products or services, 84% of visitors will abandon a website for a competitor if they cannot find what they are looking for. By studying customer behaviour on your site and analysing whether they are getting stuck on certain pages can help make the decision of when and where a proactive invitation to chat can intervene. It can also help with businesses to decide if they need to rearrange their website for a simpler path.

Live chat apps are becoming one of the most popular forms of customer service online, as it is instant and simple to use, visitors can ask one short question or as many as they like, however a visitor needs to be able to initiate the chat. Don't make customers hunt around for a chat button, some organisations will only select certain pages to display a chat button, and that's fine, however if you are going to offer the best live chat service, don't make them hop all over the place trying to find it, make the button obvious by placing it close to your business phone number, ensuring the colour scheme doesn't blend too much or choose a sticky button that will stay in view as the visitor scrolls and navigates the website.

best live chat service

It is common to hear of customer service horror stories, customers being transferred from one department to another, having to repeat themselves and not getting any results. By setting up the best live chat routing, the visitor can select the department they think they need to speak with. Should they need to be transferred to another colleague or department, they don't need to repeat themselves as the representatives have all of the chat in front of them so they can read the customers query.

Click4Assistance hopes everyone had a great Easter, if we had you cracking up or you require more info on best live chat routing or anything mentioned in this blog, speak with our account managers on 0845 123 5871 and let's hatch a plan!


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Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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